Blind ghost (temp title)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept locked in a secure steel room 3 meters in width and length. There are to be two guards in front of the entrance at all times. One security camera is to be kept on the subject with someone monitoring her at all hours. She is not to be let out at any time and will often check her room for any weak points in an attempt to escape.
The door is to be kept shut at all times except once every two weeks for inspection to ensure the room is secure. She does not require any food or drink so inspection and repairs are the only time the room is to be unsealed. Should anyone open the door otherwise they will be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is a semi-transparent woman, believed to be a woman's ghost however this is merely speculation as we have been unable to learn anything from her as she refuses to cooperate. She tends to alter her appearance and has two known forms the first is a normal woman with long black hair with almost no body visible and no real distinct features.

However when she knows someone is looking at her she changes into a rather disfigured looking woman with sharp fang like teeth, long sharp nails on her fingers that can tear into flesh with ease. She also has a look of pure rage on her face when someone looks at her as if she was offended from even a quick accidental glance.

Everything we have learned from her we had to learn through experiments because as previously stated she will not cooperate with us and interviews are a waste of time for she will not speak. Although we do know she understand English and is capable of speaking which she uses as a method to trick people into looking at her.

Her strategy when she finds someone to torment is to wait for them to go to sleep and once they close their eyes she likes to make noise to scare them, simply knocking things off shelves or scraping doors. Whatever she finds will "spook" her victims.

After she has scared her victim for a bit she likes to enter their room and let them catch a glimpse of her that hopefully causes them to close their eyes. Upon doing so she likes to hover right in front of their face making small noises and whispering to them. She will say anything ranging from something comforting and loving to how they are going to suffer at her hands. She does this only to try to coax them into opening their eyes at which point she will change into her disfigured form and [Redacted], which has been noted on several occasions to induce a heart attack on her victims. Her plan however is not to kill them but to scar them for life both physically and mentally. Once looking directly at her she will begin to [Data Expunged]

She has been described at a banshee multiple times and although that would be the closest thing to her, she is clearly something different. How she came into existence and why she finds it necessary to torment people is unknown and most likely will remain that way.

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