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These are the two SCP entries I've created so far, all feedback is greatly appreciated.

The dead body

Item #: SCP-1795

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At this point in time SPC-1795 remains uncontained, due to it's intangible nature. Should any sightings of the phenomenon occur, they are to be immediately reported to a supervisor. A team of researchers will be dispatched instantaneously, to gather all the possible data on the object. Any manifestation of SCP-1795 remains incorporeal, and expires after approximately fifteen (15) minutes, leaving no trace. A method of transporting the object has yet to be discovered, therefore any and all experiments must be conducted immediately on site.

Personnel reporting sighting of an instance of the phenomenon are to be put under a psychological evaluation. Those affected by it are to be removed from active duty, and classified as SCP-1975-1, then contained within a standard containment cell with no access to objects that could be potentially used to a lethal end (including, but not limited to: forks, knives, towels, sheets, shoes, etc.) Subjects' requests are to be granted unless they validate the above rule, or are deemed unnecessary by the Site-██ Overseer. Containment zone is to be locked at all times, except under testing, which has to be approved by a researcher with Level 4 Security Clearance. Subjects are to be kept under suicide watch, with at least two (2) guards, armed with tranquillizers. Containment zone is to be constantly monitored for any unnatural phenomena.

At present time █ instances of SCP-1795-1 are in Foundation's possession, should any of them succeed in an attempt of breaching containment procedure K-12 is to be executed immediately in effort to recapture and subdue it.

Description: SCP-1795 is an unknown phenomenon or entity, manifesting itself in the form of a human corpse, which resembles the first person to perceive it. The body fully matches the subject that it mimics, replicating clothes, equipment and person's phenotype, the only difference being visible wounds, or other traumas, that might be the cause of death.

It is currently unknown, whether or not the object exists in the physical world before it's observed, but the time before first sighting, and disappearance of the image ranges from fourteen (14) to seventeen (17) minutes. The object is visible to all personnel in the line of sight, not only the one affected. It is theorized that SCP-1795 might occur spontaneously, and doesn't 'stay' in one place before it's directly looked at, according to this hypothesis the object would have to have another way of determining it's victim, suggesting that it might be sentient. Theory that sightings of the object are caused by a mass hallucination was proven wrong by the fact that the objects appear in the photographs. If there is blood and/or other bodily fluids around the object they vanish as well with the body. Due to their incorporeal nature samples cannot be collected.

SPC-1795 does not appear to be limited to a certain area, with instances of it occurring in random locations around the globe. There are certain places in which many of these incidents took place, though there seems to be no particular pattern to them, and areas with highest degree of incidents per square kilometre have been thoroughly tested, with no abnormalities found. All recorded instances of SCP-1795 took place during a field operation, and affected Foundation personnel. No cases of affected civilians have been recorded so far, although such incidents would be very hard to trace, due to their nature.

Subjects (the first person to see an occurrence of SCP-1795) suffer from certain mental issues – they become obsessed with their own safety, and claim that the object is a precognition of events to come, and that they will soon die. They also develop a phobia centred around what appears to be the cause of death of the corpse (if it's drowned – water, burned – fire, shot - firearms etc.), including objects that are not normally associated with phobias, such as small rocks, fishing equipment, [REDACTED], ties, vegetation and wires.

In the later stages of the process subject becomes increasingly hostile, developing paranoia and hallucinations, moreover it refuses to sleep, and eat (suspecting food to be poisoned). Subject still recognize people they used to know before the incident, but don't trust them, no matter what relationship they previously had.

The final stage of psychosis includes [DATA EXPUNGED], which may lead to a containment breach (see Addendum-1795-I), and death of personnel on site. It is encouraged to terminate SCP-1795-1s before they enter this stage, unless an experiment is presented, which requires the subject to be in the final stage of the process. These tests are to be approved by a member of the senior staff with Level 4 Security Clearance.

Note: Is it just me or does it seem like something or someone is targeting the Foundation. I can think of some nasty reality bender, or other entity capable of doing that. On the other hand SCP-1795 remains nothing but a mild annoyance, and doesn't look like a very effective form of attack. - Dr ██████

Addendum-1795-I: So far ██ instances of SCP-1795 were documented, an extract of the most notable from the list can be viewed below:

  • Agent Robert ███████ reported first documented sighting of the object on ██/██/2002 in █████████, Minnesota. It appeared to be his own mutilated, viciously beaten corpse, hanged on a tree with a barbed wire. After the incident, he and his team were administered A-class amnesiacs, but later reports indicate that agent ███████'s mental health kept deteriorating, until he was deemed unfit for duty and discharged. He was reported missing after █ months, on ██/██/ 2003.
  • Agent Benjamin ████ reported seeing his corpse, covered in third degree burns, lying on the ground on ██/██/2005 in █████, California. Research team managed to arrive ten (13) minutes after the incident and took three (3) photographs before the body vanished. Containment Site-?? was set up in the area, but nothing abnormal was discovered. Agent ███████ was deemed unfit for duty and discharged after being administered A-class amnesiacs. He was reported missing after ██ months on ██/██/2007.
  • Dr █████ discovered his own strangled body after waking up in the morning on ██/██/2010 in [REDACTED] He started researching the subject, and soon discovered the pattern and documented all instances of SCP-1795 recorded up to that date. Dr ██████ continues his work for the Foundation at the Site-██, despite [DATA EXPUNGED]. It was him, who started classifying those subjected to the effects of the phenomenon as SCP-1795-1.

Note: Dr █████ claims to be too old to worry about dying, but I'm not really buying that, so keep an eye on him. - Dr ████████

  • Agent Dorothy ██████ reported sighting [DATA EXPUNGED] on ██/██/2011. She was contained, designated SCP-1795-1, and experimented on for █ months, without any conclusive results. On ██/██/2012 subject was discovered [DATA EXPUNGED], when personnel entered the holding cell in order to remove the body it proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] causing containment breach of several other SCPs. ██ armed guards and █ researchers were killed in the incident. Agent ██████'s remains were never found. Special Containment Procedures for SCP-1795-1s have been revised after the incident.

Note: Someone was sloppy and I'm gonna find out who. There's an extremely dangerous SCP, roaming free and we can't seem to find a way to contain it! Whoever designed the original SCP-1795-1's containment procedures is going to have his ass D-classed so fast he won't even have the time to wipe it.
On a side note – I want every dispatched strike team to have a researcher with necessary equipment to test this bloody thing next time they see it.
- Dr ███████

Request denied - O5-█

The red death

Item #: SCP-1298

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained at the Site-██ located on ██████ Island. It's to be kept in a 4x4 meters air tight cell, with a 20 meter long corridor leading up to it. All staff members on site have to be equipped with standard issue bio-hazard equipment. Containment cell is to be kept under constant surveillance from 1 camera. SCP-1298 does not require nutrition.

Twice every week two (2) D-class personnel, equipped with bio-hazard sutis are to enter containment zone and clean the blood, covering walls, floors and the celling, failing to complete the procedure may lead to a containment breach. D-class designed for cleaning duty are to be instructed not to react in a violent fashion to any actions of the SCP. After leaving the containment zone they are to undergo a twelve (12) hour quarantine period. If within that time they don't present with symptoms of SCP-1298-1, they are free to proceed to performing other tasks.

As of the incident 1298-B no attempts to terminate SCP-1298 are to be made under any circumstances, including life threatening situation and containment breach. In case of the subject breaching it's containment a team equipped with bio-hazard suits is to recapture it. Use of non-lethal force is authorized, subject does not respond to utilising tranquillizers, electric shocks and blunt head trauma in attempt to incapacitate it though, so it has to be constrained physically. Before containment can be restored, Site-██ is to be decontaminated, and the remains of the infected staff incinerated.

Description: SCP-1298 is a humanoid figure, approximately 1,9 meters high, weighing 44 kilograms. It appears to be decayed and shows advanced stages of a previously unknown disease, now classified as SCP-1298-1 It's body is covered in red material, and on it's face rests a plain, wooden mask, painted white. Both the cowl, and the mask can be removed, but will reappear after an unspecified amount of time, ranging from 15 minutes to 3 days.

During a vivisection normal human organs in an advanced stages of decay were discovered, although none of them seem functional. After being reopened three (3) weeks later the subject showed no signs of further decay. It has no recognisable reproductive organs, or any other traits indicative of it's sex. Subject can be damaged in a fashion corresponding with a human corpse in a similar condition, but will not cease functioning until rendered incapable of movement (by severing all of it's limbs, or decapitation). Should this take place it will expire, and dissolve into a pool of blood. Such an incident, or any other form of termination of the subject should be considered a containment breach, and all efforts are to be made to capture SCP-1298 and restore containment, as it will reappear in a random place on the globe, most probably near a large city. It should be noted that as long as there is a direct neurological link between the functioning brain of the subject and at least one limb it considers itself capable of movement and does not expire.

SCP-1298 constantly emits a cloud of blood that is kept airborne by a previously unknown bacteria. The blood mixed with bacteria is emitted at the speed of 1 litre per 4 hours, and it covers everything it touches. The bacteria attaches to blood cells permanently in a similar fashion it does to CO particles. When it comes to contact with a living organism, it will infect it, attacking it's blood cells. This disease was classified as SCP-1298-1.

The victim experiences high fever, and pain, followed by red stains appearing on their body. In the later stages they start bleeding from their eyes, ears, nose and rectum, all the blood removed from their body immediately becomes airborne. In the final stages victims start bleeding from their pores and multiple wounds open up on their body. The entire progression lasts up to 24 hours, after which the infected expires, it can be slowed but not cured by antibiotics. Approval for testing via usage of SCP-500 pending. SCP-1298-1 enters the organism through skin contact, or inhalation. A cloud of airborne blood remains around the corpse, similar to the one surrounding the original subject. The progression of the disease greatly increases in proximity to SCP-1298, reaching it's final stage in less than 15 seconds when a person is closer than 1 meter.

Subject does not appear to be sentient, if left alone it will keep walking forward avoiding any obstacles until it perceives a human (it will not react to any other lifeforms, including chimpanzees and other primates), after which it will start making it's way towards it's victim. Upon reaching it SCP-1298 will remain in a distance of approximately 1,5 meters, staring at it, and will not back away if approached, nor defend itself when under attack. When the victim dies subject will proceed to walking towards another visible human, if there aren't any in sight it will kneel over a dead body and start collecting their [REDACTED], upon completion subject will slowly raise and move to another corpse in it's sight, or if there aren't any left, it will start walking straight ahead again.

When closed in it's containment cell SCP-1298 keeps walking in circles, probably trying to 'avoid' the wall. It does not vocalize in any way, but it seems to react to speech. When spoken to by an individual it has not noticed yet it will turn to face them, and then act as if it spotted a human. If sound comes from a speaker it faces it, but apparently not noticing anyone it will turn away again and continue walking.

Addendum-1298-I: It is unknown where does SCP-1298 originate from, but it was documented in the human history several times, reaching as far back as to XIIth century. Most of these traces were dealt with by the Foundation, except for one. A story written by an American writer █████ █████ ███, based upon a legend originating from XVIth century.

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