Sensory Feature Duplicator
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX poses no immediate death-risk, so experimentation may be authorized with the permission from a Level-3 personnel. Any subjects that have come into contact with SCP-XXX should be tested and experimented on as seen fit, then terminated.

Description: SCP-XXX is a simple sculpture of an aardvark (Orycteropus afer), 11.5 cm long. Carbon-dating of the specimen dates it back to roughly 500 BC, although the material in which it is made out of doesn't correspond to any known substance.

SCP-XXX's unique properties begin to show when any biological creature comes in contact with it. As soon as any living form, excluding plant matter, bacteria and fungi, touches the specimen, one of the five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) will completely stop working. The factor of what sense is affected is random, with no pattern emerging whatsoever.

After approximately week of one sense being 'dead', smaller sensory features will start growing all over the body, the feature that grows corresponding to the sense that stopped functioning. For example, if a subject touched SCP-XXX and lost his sense of smell, noses would start to form over their body. After two (2) hours, the features are fully functional and full sized, and the lost sense returns, but in a much greater level. The new sensory features that appear on the body work perfectly, even altering organs and flesh.

Addendum: SCP-XXX Test Log

Name of Researchers: Dr. A Nibbler

Date ██/██/20██

Conditions: D-Class subject told to touch SCP-XXX.

Results: Subject immediately starts screaming. Researchers managed to calm him down in 15 minutes, after which the subject stated that he had lost the sense of sight. Approximately 6 days later, small hole started appearing on the subject's skin, each one containing one eyeball. After two (2) hours, the eyeballs had grow to the same size as the subject's original ones, and he had regained the missing sense again, but this time in a much more powerful level. Subject requested for the lights to be dimmed, and, after further testing, could easy recognize what colour ball Dr. ███████ was holding from a 100 metre distance.

Autopsy: Optical nerves led from every eye, leading to the brain. Subject could see perfectly out of every eye, including his two orignal ones.

Note: Subject had a large bruise on his chest from a previous accident. All eyes that grew on this area had a dark black eyeball, instead of a usual white one.

An idea for further testing: experiment with SCP-XXX on subjects with burns, cuts and other injurys - Dr. Nibbler

Name of Researchers: Dr. A Nibbler

Date: ██/██/20██

Conditions: Different D-Class Personnel told to touch SCP-XXX

Results: Subject reported losing the sense of touch. Approximately a week later, small fingers start to grow out of his skin, becoming full sized in 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Autopsy: Fingers are exact replicas of subjects original fingers, including bones inside the fingers.

Name of Researcher: Dr. A Nibbler

Date: ██/██/20██

Conditions: D-Class personnel from first test told to touch SCP-XXX again

Results: Subject reported not being able to hear any sound. After two (2) weeks, surprisingly longer then usually, small flaps of skin began growing, some even on the eyes that had previously grown. Subject reported huge amounts of pain in the area where an ear had grown over an eye, and eventually passed out. When subject awoke, he could hear exceptionally well.

Autopsy: The eyes of which an ear had grown over were mutilated, as the ear bones and cochlea had grown inside them.

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