BoeLoop: SCP-1680 Draft

Item #: SCP-1680

Object Class: Safe (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1680 is to be kept in a .3 meter cube of glass, with .2 meter diameter holes cut into the top and rear of the containment cube. To the hole on top, an exhaust pipe reaching at least 140 meters into the atmosphere is to be fitted, while ordinary air from the outside of its home facility is to be drawn in from the rear opening. The exhaust pipe is to be made to appear as an unremarkable communications tower, and must have video surveillance, on-site security, and electrical fencing to prevent climbing of the tower. The .3 meter cube shall have a front door that hermetically seals when closed, and is opened only for testing SCP-1680, within its 5 meter square testing lounge complete with airlock, and connected by one-way mirror to an observation room. All test control technicians observing SCP-1680 test subjects must have relevant levels of verbal memetic virus resistance. All testing must be conducted with at least 2 restraint personnel on hand and armed with tranquilizer weapons.

Now classified Safe, SCP-1680 is to be contained in storage locker 1014-1680 at Site-██ . Level 3 clearance is required to remove it from storage for chemical testing. Attempts to divide SCP-1680 into multiple parts or relight it require Level 4 clearance.

Description: SCP-1680 takes the appearance of a hand-rolled cigarette bent into the shape of an incomplete ring. One end is constantly burning, while the other end apparently spontaneously generates an amount of material at a rate equal to the rate material is burnt off the other end. While the wrapping papers consist of mostly hemp, with trace unidentified materials, the origin or likeness of the contained plant material, or its active ingredient, remains completely unknown.

SCP-1680 was recovered uneventfully by Class E personnel from the ████ ███ region during apocrypha research by Dr. V█████.

Given the anticipated effects of SCP-1680, it was decided by Dr. V█████ that Class D personnel were not appropriate test subjects. Dr. V████, close colleague of Dr. V█████, was chosen as the first (and so far only) test subject.

Document #1680-1: Timeline of Test 1

0:00 Dr. V████, henceforth referred to as “Subject”, enters the test chamber.
0:20 Subject begins inhalation and exhalation of smoke produced by SCP-1680.
7:58 Subject begins verbally reporting and physically exhibiting signs of mild anxiety.
25:34 Subject calms into a trance-like state, closing his eyes, but remains breathing and responds with low grunts to controls attempts to communicate using intercom.
43:37 Subject begins mumbling quietly, microphone is unable to distinguish syllables at low volume. No more response to control's messages for the remainder of the test.
63:22 Subject abruptly opens his eyes and greatly increases the volume of mumbling, which is unintelligible. Dr. V█████ comments that he believes the syllables are meaningless, although xenoglossy cannot be ruled out.
1:21:03 Silence. Subject removes notebook and pen from his bag of supplied materials, and begins to write. No available camera view has a clear shot of the page.
3:34:52 Subject has frantically filled entire notebook, consuming 2 of the 5 supplied pens. He begins to draw on the walls with the three remaining pens. Subjects of drawings appear to include anatomical drawings of fantastic or xenomorphic beasts and plants, astronomical bodies, and fractal patterns.
5:54:12 Subject runs out of ink in last pen. He begins to stab himself in the thigh in an attempt to draw blood for writing purposes. Dr. V█████ pronounces the test over, and orders Class D intervention.
5:54:42 Two personnel with independent breathing apparatuses proceed through the air lock, and one successfully tranquilizes the Subject with a single dart. The door to SCP-1680's containment cube is closed. These personnel begin to document the wall drawings by [DATA EXPUNGED] and the notebook is tagged and bagged.
6:15:17 Airing out of the test lounge is complete, and the security personnel bring out the test data materials and carry the subject to Recovery Room ██. Dr. V█████ peruses the test room's new murals while awaiting the Subject's return to consciousness. END OF TEST 1.

Document #1680-2: Post-Test Notes of Dr. V█████

Dr. V████ appears to have returned fully to normal after his use of SCP-1680, and I mean fully. He claims to have no memory of the experience past the first one of two minutes of the containment cube's opening, even though he had remained fully verbally communicative past this point. Though the diagrams, captions, and writings on the wall all remain unclassifiable, I was surprised to see that the notebook, which have titled The ██ █████████ of V████, was not only relatively coherent, but fully in English. It seems imperative to withhold all test data from V████ in order to avoid contaminating our examination of SCP-1680's long-term effects. In the meantime, I have approved a series of physics experiments proposed by Dr. D██████.

Document #1680-3: The ██ █████████ of V████


Document #1680-4: Physics Experiments of Dr. D██████

I took the precaution of wearing a breathing apparatus while I performed two of my three planned experiments (lighting the other end of SCP-1680 was termed “an unnecessary risk” by a Level 5 suit).

For the first experiment, SCP-1680 was straightened out. This led to an effect like that of a worm crawling forward instead of in a circle. SCP-1680 would also turn if it arrived at a wall, and tend to revert back to a loop in approximately 30 seconds. If kept in a cylindrical container with only an entrance at the burning end, it would remain stationery and burn indefinitely.

For the second experiment, water was used in an attempt to extinguish SCP-1680. This was successful. All attempts to relight SCP-1680 have, so far, failed, to the great chagrin of my peers and superiors. SCP-1680 has been reclassified as Safe.

Addendum 1: Dr. V████, the sole SCP-1680 test subject before its unfortunate deactivation, has applied for and been granted discharge from the Foundation, complete with “goodbye cocktail”. SCP-1680 is believed to have had at least a contributory affect on his decreasing efficacy and motivation and therefore future tests, if ever possible, are to be done on Class D subjects only.

Addendum 2: Contrary to our surmises, it was not his work with SCP-███ or alleged contamination by SCP-████, but his use of SCP-1680 that was directly responsible for ████ V████'s desire and ability to evade our surveillance for the past █ years. It has been downright embarrassing for this organization to only now, after his death, discover his whereabouts by seeing his smiling face plastered across newspapers the world over. Because his ████████ ████ “cult” so clearly bore the mark of SCP-1680's effects, our entire amnesiac programme must be reevaluated. Furthermore, given the grisly and evidently powerfully memetic powers of his writing, Document #1680-3, the so-called however-many “sermons” of V████, must immediately be reclassified as SCP-1680-2, and stuffed in its storage locker, hopefully with the no doubt contaminated Dr. V█████ himself.

Addendum 3: The correlation of [REDACTED] with the extinguishing of SCP-1680 has been commented on by two directors. However there is a consensus that this notion is without merit, given that the correlation may be a coincidence, that the small amount of material previously produced by SCP-1680 near the ████ ███ ought to have had an near-infinitesimally small effect on [REDACTED], that [REDACTED] may not be objectively measurable, that [REDACTED] is arguably increasing, and that [REDACTED] may, first and foremost, not be desirable.

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