boogey man

Item #: SCP-555

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-555 is to be inhabited by Dr. XXXXXXXX and MTF-Phi "Ghostbusters", under the cover of a family of immigrants. Surveillance must be constant, and under no hypothesis may any child twelve (12) years-old or below get within 20m from SCP-555. If a containment breach is observed, specially concerning a disturbance on the seal, MTF-Phi is to immediately detonate the incendiary devices installed in the room. Furthermore, the bedroom's door must stay open whenever physically possible.

Personnel may only enter SCP-555 during daylight, when SCP-555-1 appears to be in it's dormant state. Any attempt to enter the bedroom before sunset will invariably result in the death of the intruder, as SCP-555-1 appears to be extremely territorial and sadistic.

Feeding of SCP-555-1 is to take place once every two week. Children must be sedated and

Description: SCP-555 is a children's bedroom inside a house situated in Berlim, Germany. The room has no distinguished features other than a large circle, two meters in diameter, carved on the ceiling, with several complex cuneiform symbols inside, forming complex patterns. The runes resemble those that can be found in SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX. More research into possible connection between the three SCPs is necessary. Aside from that, the room appears to have an infinite regenerative capability. Any damage done to the furniture or the room itself will be undone as soon as the bedroom's door is closed and reopened. Items taken from the room are also replaced with identical copies as soon as the door closes. It is also the only place where SCP-555-1 has been known to appear.

SCP-555-1 is an illustrated children's book entitled "Der schwarze Mann" ("The Black Man"). It tells the folkloric interpretation of the creature known as the "boogeyman", describing how it comes out of closets or from under children's beds to kidnap them; after this introductory description of the beast's habits, the book shows how a woman identified as "Mother" sets a trap for the creature on her son's room, with a very detailed picture that matches the circle on the room's ceiling. It is now believed that SCP-555-2 is an instruction manual on how to maintain SCP-555-2 locked in the room, preventing him from preying on children.

SCP-555-2 is an entity of unknown appearance that resides in what appears to be an alternate dimension within the closet in SCP-555. While it has never been seen, it's appearance can be speculated from SCP-555-1's illustration, which appear to be somewhat accurate, as confirmed in Experiment Log XXXXX. If that is the case, it is a large ape-like humanoid, with completely white eyes and a an extremely broad mouth, with several dozen small teeth (a fact corroborated by the teethmarks that appear on furniture whenever it enters a rage state).

SCP-555 was discovered in 2009, after a series of located seismic activity in it's whereabouts, as well as the sudden disappearance of the people who lived in the house caught the Foundation's attention. Agents XXXXXXX and XXXXX were sent to investigate, an incident which resulted in the death of Agent XXXXXXX, who got locked inside SCP-555. After the door finally opened, around seven minutes later, his remains were scattered around the bedroom, which was when MTF-Phi was involved.

SCP-555-2 cannot attack during daylight, provided the windows are opened. As such, analysis of SCP-555-1 gave more detailed information, and allowed Dr. XXXXX to run the appropriate testing to ascertain relevant containment procedures, as per Experiment Log XXXXXX.

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