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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a large, metal plated box. Box is to be secured to a stable surface using whatever means that will allow the least amount of movement. SCP-XXXX can shake with the force of 3.1 or higher on the Richter scale, and this should be considered while moving the container

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a book of unknown origin and age. The book is 12cm tall and 7cm wide. The cover is brown and scarred and the spine is worn. A few words have be translated from both the spine and the cover, each word is in a different, and usually outdated, language. 'Children', 'Warning', 'Death', and 'Madness' are the only conclusive translations at this time.
Any individual who reads SCP-XXXX will be unable to stop until they have finished the entire work. Despite being a rather large volume most subjects finish the book in about two hours. After closing the book all subjects slowly back away from SCP-XXXX and quietly, but fearfully, announce that they wish the book to be burned.1
Subjects refuse to answer questions about the contents of SCP-XXXX, and simply repeat that they want the book burned. When put under duress and ordered to reveal what was said inside SCP-XXXX subjects would say little on its contents (see Interview Log). Loyal, and obedient, researchers were asked to read SCP XXXX with the same result. It is to be noted that subjects try to forget their experience with SCP-XXXX, but if it is ever mentioned the former subject will shiver or display fear and repeat that they want the book burned. This property has been tested with short term memory loss patients, and despite their inability to remember what transpired seconds ago they still react in the same manner. One subject was convinced to read SCP-XXXX twice (see Addundum XXXX-B).
If SCP-XXXX is not used for five days it will start to shake between the hours of 10pm-2am. The longer the book is contained, the higher it will score on the Richter scale. The highest grade SCP-XXXX has reached so far is 3.1 after two months of containment, beginning at 2.0-2.5 on the sixth day, reaching its peak around midnight. (See Addendum XXXX-C for further details on SCP-XXXX behavior in containment)

Interview Log A collection of the few things subjects will reveal about SCP-XXXX. The responses shown are the answers, given under duress, to the question "What is in SCP-XXXX?"

"It's going to get me Doc. That page, the last one. It had the sign." Subject began to babble incomprehensibly for the rest of the interview.

"Warn the children, do not let them see the last breath. It can't be stopped. All of the ways are blocked." Subject screamed loudly when asked further questions.

"Ashes to ashes, bones to paste. It wants us gone, I saw its face!" Subject spoke rhythmically during the entire interview, but no other material was related to SCP-XXXX

"It seemed so harmless at the beginning, but then it just… Why would you ask me to read that?" Subject attempted to attack interviewer but was restrained. Subject said no more concerning SCP-XXXX

"Fire can end this now, don't you see? But once the [incomprehensible] begins we're going to pay!" Subject began yelling curses at the interviewer and provided no more information on SCP-XXXX

"Spreading like poison, sweeping the nations, deciding the fate of the world. It hates me." Subject sobbed throughout the rest of the interview and said nothing more.

"The newest dawn is coming. I shall herald it. Bring the new world! Take all that is wrong, O Great One, killing the unclean!" Subject was confirmed to have mental instability and sadistic tendencies.

"Dust. We are dust. Wind blows and we scatter. The hurricane is coming." Subject stared unblinking at the wall and was unresponsive.

"Madness. Madness is my companion. It will save me from the death. I am invincible." Subject smiled happily for the rest of the interview and repeated its answer to all questions.

Addendum XXXX-B: Personnel D-7-008, who had already been exposed to XXXX, was asked to read the book again. After some resistance the subject opened the book and began to read. After finishing, the subject [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-7-008 lapsed into a comatose state with critical head trauma. Subject was terminated after three months.

Addendum XXXX-C: Security around in Site ██ have reported noise coming from the box in which SCP-XXXX is contained. When the container is opened there is no change to SCP-XXXX or the inside. Security likens the noise to groaning, cackling, or hissing.

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