Boxers of Luv
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Item #: SCP-1071

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1071 is to be kept in standard storage locker 110 at Storage Site-23. SCP-1071 may be checked out from there for research, the key to the locker is held by Inventory Control on-site. SCP-1071 is not to be washed with other clothes, and is to be air dried alone.

Description: SCP-1071 is a pair of black large sized silk cotton boxers with red hearts. Testing has shown no anomalous qualities in the construction of the boxers, which are physically identical to other boxers of the same brand and design.

SCP-1071 was recovered in the aftermath of a large explosion at an oil refinery in █████ ████, Texas, on ██/██/200█, which killed ██ and injured ███. One Darryl T█████ was responsible for the explosion, having refused to complete emergency failsafe procedures that would have prevented the release of gasoline components from a raffinate splitter tower after a fire had begun at the facility. The Foundation became aware of SCP-1071 during the investigation into the cause of the explosion when Mr. T█████ was being questioned about the events that transpired leading up to the explosion. The Foundation obtained SCP-1071 as well as the entirety of Mr. T█████'s wardrobe under the auspices of a local front group that acts as a charitable organization.

Interview 1071-A

Interviewed: Adam M█████

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Mr. M█████ was a coworker of Mr. T█████ for over a decade at the Refinery.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Hello Mr. M█████, I know you've already been questioned at length about the accident, so I'll try to be brief. How long have you known Mr. ██████?

M█████: We both started around the same time, back in about 1994.

Dr. █████: How would you describe his attitude towards others?

M█████: Let me tell you, man. He used to be a real mean cuss. Didn't give two hoots about anyone other than himself. Would almost go out of his way to be cruel. A funny guy, and fun to be around, but you always had to be on your guard around him since he'd pick on anyone if it'd make him laugh. But that changed a few years back. He started getting, I don't know, nicer. Less self-centered. Almost overnight, even. Weird, too, since it happened around the same time that Charlene dumped him. Maybe it made him look at himself differently.

Dr. █████: It was like he turned over a new leaf?

M█████: Well, he seemed to have mood swings. Except that's not the right words for it. Some days he'd treat you like he always had. Other days he'd actually really seem to give a shit about you, and care about your problems and be actually helpful. And then some days he'd be somewhere in the middle.

Dr. █████: How long ago did this begin?

M█████: Oh, geez, probably two years back?

Dr. █████: Has his change in personality remained fairly stable or has he become more labile?

M█████: Become what now?

Dr. █████: Sorry. Has he become steadily more open and “nice.”?

M█████: The last few months it's really been all “nice” Darryl. I remember when Jodie was talking about getting mugged when she visited her family in Houston and Darryl damn near cried while listening to her and gave her a big hug afterward.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Mr. M█████'s statements are supported by interviews with several other of Mr. T█████'s coworkers, see Interviews 1071-B through F.

Interview 1071-G

Interviewed: Charlene J██████

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Ms. J██████ dated Mr. T█████ from late 20██ through mid 20██.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Ms. J██████, could you please tell me when you first began to notice a change in Mr. T█████'s demeanor.

J██████: The day after Valentine's day, 20██.

Dr. █████: That's very specific.

J██████: Darryl was a bastard of a guy when I first met him, you know? I don't rightly know what I was thinking dating him. But he never gave two nothings about how you felt. Just did what he wanted. So yeah, when a guy who ain't never shown no care in what you think suddenly wakes up the morning after passing out stone drunk on top of you and begins acting like he actually gives a shit, you notice.

Dr. █████: How erratic was this change in behavior?

J██████: Really erratic. He would go from sweet to mean to somewhere in between almost as if he were changing his clothes. One day he'd seem like the same asshole I've been dating since high school and the next he'd be cooking me a meal I didn't even know he'd remembered I liked.

Dr. █████: How were his personal habits during this time?

J██████: They improved. He actually shaved and brushed his teeth and even got me to get him some cologne that I liked. Except he still couldn't do laundry for nothing. He'd always wait until he were out of underwear and then just throw everything into the washer together. I told him that was no way to treat clothes, but he never paid my advice no mind.

Dr. █████: Who ended the relationship in June?

J██████: I did. I kind of felt bad, but it was tough dating Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jekyll, and not knowing who he's going to be when he gets dressed.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Ms. J██████ was released after questioning. No further action needed.

Interview 1071-H

Interviewed: Darryl T█████

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Mr. T█████ was interviewed at the Texas City jail while awaiting sentencing on manslaughter and other charges.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Why didn't you enable the failsafe?

T█████: Because I wanted to see a cool explosion.

(Silence for 30 seconds on tape)

Aww hell. It's because George was right there and he'd have gotten hammered by the boom mechanism that stops the flow of gas. I don't know why, but I saw him there and I just couldn't bring myself to possibly kill him to prevent the gas from releasing. I just kept on thinking “what if that were me over there”? It's like I was fucking paralyzed.

Dr. █████: How do you feel about that decision now?

T█████: I'd have knocked that fucker off the gangway.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Court documents show that Mr. T█████ has been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder since his arrival in prison.

Addendum: Subsequent testing has shown that the anomalous properties imparted by SCP-1071 to other objects it is washed and dried with only applies to clothing or items worn as clothing. These properties increase in effect after each wash/dry cycle with SCP-1071. It is as yet unknown whether the effect fades over time. Mr. T█████'s wardrobe has been burned.

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