Slowing Watch
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a locked watch box with glass lid, measuring 30cm x 20cm X 10cm, in the center of a room measuring 5m square. The location of the SCP-XXX is to be monitored by remote camera. No personal are to enter SPC-XXX's contain area while wearing any form of watch. Any watches that come withing 1m of SPC-XXX's containment area are to be convicapte for summary destruction, the owner detained for observation.

Should SCP-XXX attach itself to an indivual, said personal will be relocated to SCP-XXX's containment detail, tasked with winding SCP-XXX for the forseeable future.

Baring the presence of such an asigment, personal are forbidden from winding SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a sliver pocket watch measuring 2cm round X 50mm thick. It is apparently operated by a Molnija ████ movement with red crest face plate. Upon deeper inspection of the movement is appears to have been modified from the original ██hr movement to a 48 hour movement. Is has been suggested by [DATA EXPUNGED] that this was done to stave off the affects of SCP-XXX.

During the first 48hours after the a complete winding of SCP-XXX the affects of SCP-XXX are completely begnien and impossible to observe. The subject who wound the watch, hence forth refered as the owner, appears no changes in their perception of relative time. Rather, they feel an acute awareness of the passage of time. One test subject explained it as "if I had just checked a reall well made clock".

After the completion of the first 48 hours, the movement of the watch begins to wind down. In time with this process the watch begins to keep inaccurate time, slowing in accordances with the normal progression of a spring wound watch winding down.

The owner notices this as a subbtle slowing of their relative time. The owner observes the world slowing speeding up. In truth the owner's relative time has become out of step with that of the world at large, hence forth referd to as real time. As the watch winds down the difference between the owner's observer time and real time increased logertyhically with the watch winding down.

The distubance of time of time appears to be localize to approxamitly 1cm above the owners skin. Any object passing into their area seamlessly transistions between real time and the owners observed time. In additon, it appears this field remains static to some global field of reference(For example: And object throw at the owner will appear to slow down when entering the field, while in truth it has maintianed a constant speed across both frame of refernce).
Subsiquint winding of the watch "re-syncs" the owner's observed time with real time after approxamitly █hrs.

SCP-XXX takes █days to completely wind down. At moment the owners observed time stops. All attempts so interact with an owner after the watch has stopped as proven futile, baring the remove off SCP-XXX from the owner.

Upon the complete winding down of one owner, SCP-XXX appears to enter a dormant state until wound again. At this time the preivous owner is rappidly returned to the flow of real time, often with disaterous results(See Addendum A-7b).

There are two known methods for the tranference of SCP-XXX. The first is for an indivual to remove the watch from the privous owner and wind it. SCP-XXX DOES NOT need to be completely wound ownership to change in this case.

The second method is for a subject to come withing █meters of SCP-XXX while wearing a watch. The make, style, model, and status of the watch appear to be unimportant. Upon coming within range of SCP-XXX the subject will find their previous watch missing, and instead SCP-XXX in a location fitting their currently state of dress. If the indiviual is nude, the SCP-XXX will attach istelf by wrapping its chain around the subjects neck, similar in nature to a necklace. The means by which SCP-XXX affects its relocation have not be identified.

Once the indiviual as noticed the presence of SCP-XXX, ownership is to be conscidered changed. The new owner will notice that the watch is half wound, being to run down in ██hrs rather than the standard 48.

SCP-XXX does not need adjustment or maitence, and while properly wound, keeps exelent time.

Addendum A-7b: Autopsy report from ██/██/████
Subject: Examition of subject ██, frozen by [DATA EXPUNGED] for [DATA EXPUNGED]
REPORTING PHYSICAL: Dr. Stephen ██████████
The corpse if that of a ██ year old Male of [DATA EXPUNGED]. The dermus appears to have been put under exteme therma stress, similar to a burn, but without the normally observed charing of post moterm burning or the escar formation of pre-mortem immolation. Innaddition to this, the internal organs of the body appear to have undergone mumifcation of some sort. The mumification of the corse appears uneven, with the eyes, tongue, and [DATEA EXPUNGED] appearing like those of a healthy male of the observed age. Not only this, but there are signs of frostbite in the lower extremeties. The rest of the interal organs[DATA EXPUNGED]
CAUSE OF DEATH: Exposure to Elements.

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