SCP-blabitty bla has this thing and it does stuff. It's like, woah.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-X found in the wild are to be cataloged and reported for study. In the case of infestation near a populated area, a team equipped with Level A Hazmat gear are to be dispatched immediately. Local authorities —- because of the nature of this SCP, it is extremely difficult to track down instances in the wild until it begins to grow near a populated area.

A sample of SCP-X is kept on-site in a modified, pressurized greenhouse equipped with a standard combination decontamination room/airlock, sprinkler system and Class-3 air filtration systems. Under no circumstances are personnel to enter the airlock without Level A Hazmat protection, including a supplied air respirator.

Description: SCP-X was initially discovered due to police reports of an unusual series of suicides in the Tirana district of Albania. On X-X-197X, an entire logging camp was found abandoned. Investigators discovered the bodies of all 15 crewmembers in a nearby section of the forest, apparently all having committed suicide.

- Media coverage of the incident was - with assistance from the People's Republic of Albania

About the author: Agent Dr. Rev. Dorian Brood is a renown psychonaut, has earned PhDs in procrastination and self-loathing, is an ordained Discordian Pope, and was elected Time Magazine's Person Of The Year in 2006. He enjoys long walks down short piers, self-destruction through habitual substance abuse, and performing slam poetry about shoggoths. He may be found on the corner of Colfax and Broadway, gesticulating wildly and shouting at passersby.

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