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The music box

Item #: SCP-1022

Object class: Safe.


Special containment procedures: SCP-1022 is to be stored in a portable safe when not being used for testing. The safe is not to be opened outside a controlled testing environment under any circumstances. All testing must be done in a soundproof room; communication between the test subject and personnel must be done by means of non-verbal communication.

Description: SCP-1022 is a wooden windup music box. It is about 10 cm high, with a diameter of about 9 cm.

SCP-1022's anomalous effects manifest when it is played. All subjects within audible range of SCP-1022 are affected. Affected subjects are slowly transformed into an object closely resembling a child's doll. The transformation mechanism is unknown and currently being investigated. Because SCP-1022's music is generally pleasing to listen to, many test subjects remain in SCP-1022's vicinity out of their own volition. If ordered to leave, subjects comply without violence.
If the subject leaves SCP-1022's area of effect during the transformation, the transformation stops immediately. However, any progress in the transformation is permanent and irreversable. If the subject is reintroduced to SCP-1022, the transformation commences from where it last ended.

Time table of SCP-1022's effects:

1-20 minutes: No effect.
20-40 minutes: Subjects complain about stiff joints. Subject finds it hard to speak in coherent sentences. Subject's voice pitch rises.
40-60 minutes: Subject's facial muscles stiffen and do not respond. The mouth remains slightly opened. The eye muscles change in such a way that they only close when the subject lies down, staying open in all other cases including touching the eye. The keratin comprising the subject's hair transforms into a silky plastic substance. Subject has lost nearly all vocal abilities and can only speak in single words.
60-90 minutes: Subject's skin begins to harden. Closer examination reveals that the skin has turned into a plastic. Subjects sink to the floor with outstretched legs. If the subject falls over to the side, no attempt is made to block the fall; subject seems to have no control over his/her arms.
After the transformation is complete, subject starts to shrink to the size of a 6-month old human child.

Close examination of the doll proves that the nervous system and vital organs are completely intact. The brain is heavily detoriated, matching the rest of the body's apparent age. Digestive organs have mostly disappeared, though a small tube connects the mouth and the urethra. Subjects can be fed, though there does not seem to be any effect for not doing so. Muscle tissue is almost completely gone, leaving just enough to turn the neck, turn the arms around the shoulder and the legs around the thighs. The knee joints and elbow joints have fused completely, making impossible for the subject to bend his/her arms and legs. None of the subjects have succesfully crawled as of yet. All subjects cry and moan almost continuously when fully transformed. Some words uttered by the subjects who reached this state are: "Help me.", "Stop it" and "Kill me", evidencing that the subjects are still alive and aware after the transformation.

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