[19:56] <Dexa> Iriel's a maid from another time and place, very very pale, with white hair.
[19:56] <Dexa> Chainshank's this http://serpents-hand.wikidot.com/local--files/chainshank/442.jpg
[19:56] <~Rights> Iriel trembled, back pressed painfully against the bookshelf. There would be no chance of climbing up to safety here, no, in this particular corner of the LIbrary, the books were taller than she was, and then some, and the shelves enormously stretched to match. The shambling scarecrow made animate shuffled towards her, it's frozen jack-o-lantern grin seeming more malicious and crazed than ever.
[19:59] <~Rights> "Allroit, lil' un…are we done runnin' yet?" He chuckled, and she tried to flatten herself against the bookcase, volumous white hair falling in front of her face as if she were trying to hide behind it as a last resort. "Oh, don' be like 'dat now…I'm not gonna kill ya', after all, don' want the damn pages on my ass…or yer friends, nope, not them either."
[20:04] <~Rights> "…" Iriel didn't answer, pale face flushed pink and knees trembling fiercely. She froze, like a rabbit in a flashlight beam, as it reached forwards, long crooked arms extending out. It's knotted, twisted hands of oak and brambles lightly touched her cheek, and she squeaked, softly, eyes wide.
[20:06] <~Rights> She glanced behind him, and wondered if she could make a bolt for it past him, but he moved with whipcord speed, suddenly too close, his arms boxing her in as he hunched over her with a low, almost playful-sounding growl.
[20:18] <~Rights> Iriel tried to jerk away, in reflex, but with nowhere to go she simply fell to the floor, arms coming up to protect herself as she curled up, taking a deep breath to ready a scream. This was the library, right? Someone, or something, would HAVE to hear her if she screamed- after all, it was suggested one remain quiet!
[20:22] <~Rights> But there was no chance, as vines tangled so quickly around her throat and mouth, forcing past her parted lips and knotting on her tongue, muffling the frightened rush of air from her lungs.
[20:23] <~Rights> "Now, now…'ah can't have ye' hollerin' and getting everybody on our case, no…" He laughed, soflty, the coarse sound sending a shock through her as she went to pull the vines from her face, finding it difficult to breath as they twined around her neck.
03[20:31] * crackles (ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #alienpornunlimited
[20:41] <~Rights> "Oop, cannae' forget them." THe scarecrow chuckled, his tough, weather-worn wooden hands grabbing her wrists before she could pull the vines free.
[20:41] <~Rights> [[One mo']]
[20:43] <~Rights> [[Crackles, you missed a few posts, but you'll see 'em later]]
[20:43] <crackles> [[i am terrified]]
09[20:45] * Dexa not sure if want Chainshank to molest Iriel
[20:45] <~Rights> She twisted against his grasp, eyes wide and biting reflexively at the knotted tangle of vines between her teeth. Regret came to her mind instantly at the bitter taste and sharp smell of dead and dying vegetation, almost making her forget her current predicament for a split moment.
[20:46] <~Rights> [[Remember, guys, if you really do feel uncomfortable with this, I will always stop writing stuff like this if you ask me to. I will not rape your characters without permission. I mean, not your SH characters, at least. I am TOTALLY gonna rape people in-game on my AD run but that's because Heiden thought it woudl be a good idea to give me control of a MC&D owned brothel]]
[20:46] <~Rights> [[And it's not a MC&D Brothel until you either murder a hooker, kill a disfigured slave to put them out of their misery, and get raped.]]
[20:47] <crackles> [[…continue]]
[20:47] <Maddy> XD
[20:47] <Dexa> [[… go on.]]
[20:47] <Maddy> Alice is so fucked on that run
[20:48] <Dexa> LITERALY
[20:48] <~Rights> [[Oh my god I might not even rape Alice, I have such better plans for her]]
[20:48] <~Rights> [[Anyways, continuing]]
[20:51] <~Rights> "NNgh!" She mumbled around the gag desperately, trying to curl back up as he lifted her by the wrists, her shoulders aching as her feet left the floor. Chainshank pushed her back against the massive books, and seemed to delight in her wriggling as she tried to stretch her feet to the floor, to find some purchase.
[20:53] <Tox> [[Rights what would you have planned for Brad oh god]]
[20:53] <~Rights> [[Beating. Rape. I'd probably make him do the "living naked sushi" thing.]]
[20:54] <Tox> [[Giving or receiving to all of the above]]
[20:54] <~Rights> [[yes]]
[20:54] <~Rights> [[ :D ]]
[20:54] <Tox> [[that was not a mathematical or, please XOR it]]
[20:54] <Maddy> Get back to the porn!
[20:55] <Maddy> ;)
[20:55] <Tox> [[because that will sorta determine if I cart Brad along on the run]]
[20:55] <~Rights> [[Well, except the naked sushi thing. That's when they take a slave, gag her, and cut her up and cook her bit by bit right in front of you so you get to nom away while watching her die.]]
[20:55] <~Rights> [[WHEEEE]]
[20:55] <~Rights> [[Everybody's gonna get to do that one. Ace came up wtih it]]
[20:55] <~Rights> [[Well…that depends upon what Brad does.]]
[20:55] <Tox> [[that's a tweest]]
[20:55] <Tox> [[Explain, that statement is confusing]]
[20:56] <Maddy> PMs guys?
[20:56] <Maddy> maybe?
[20:56] <~Rights> FINE
[20:56] <Maddy> :
[20:56] <~Rights> JEEZE
[20:56] <~Rights> :P
[20:56] <Maddy> ;-;
[20:56] <crackles> [[yeah guys you are interrupting my abject terror >:|]]
[21:08] <~Rights> [[actually, brb quick]]
[21:15] <~Rights> "Jeepers, creepers~" He sang, voice cracking as Iriel twisted, and he finally lowered her toes to the floor, keeping her flexed to her full (and unimpressive) height. "~where'd you get those peepers…d'ya get that song? Naw, nevermind…probably not somethin' a little naive one like you would understand or know."
[21:19] <~Rights> Iriel had a vague sense, though, even if she didn't know the song, as she didn't want to. He moved both her wrists to one of his hands, seemingly ignorant of her attempts to scratch at his bark-covered skin.
[21:52] <~Rights> [[Sorry abotu that. Had to do dishes then got distracted eating pie on the floor w/ a baby]]
[21:53] <Tox> [[did the baby get all messy]]
[21:53] <Tox> [[did YOU get all messy]]
[21:53] <~Rights> [[I'm nto gonna lie, it is all unsexy all the time, here in momtown]]
[21:53] <Tox> [lies]
[21:54] <~Rights> [[I have baby snot and apple pie filing in my hair]]
[21:54] <~Rights> [[I'm wearing a T-shirt that is bleached white in places from the chemical reaction of children's vomit, and pajama pants with wrappings on my thighs becayse they got chafed at con]]
[21:55] <~Rights> [[I smell like lasagna (because I ate some) my hair is a mess and it's ALL MILF YEAH]]
[21:55] <Tox> [[hahaha]]
[21:56] <Tox> [[so you DID get messy :D]]
[21:56] <~Rights> [[Obviously, yeah, I gave a baby some apple pie and a fork and was like GO AT IT GIRL]]
[21:56] <~Rights> [[Now, back tow riting this horrific rape scene in between playing with my toddler daughter]]
06[22:05] * Tox is now known as Brad
[22:16] <~Rights> God, I can't even
[22:16] <~Rights> I don't even know where to go from here
[22:16] <~Rights> :| All I have are bits and shnibblets
[22:17] <~Rights> http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png
[22:17] <Dexa> try again later
[22:17] <~Rights> This is how I feel when I cannot follow through
[22:17] <~Rights> I need to figure out how to work this in here…
09[22:18] * Dexa keeps fricking making rights squick
[22:19] <crackles> i find it is easier to write sexy things when, you know, both participants are
[22:19] <crackles> human
[22:19] <crackles> oid
[22:19] <~Rights> I just can't get the action to flow
[22:19] <~Rights> The anatomy I've got down
[22:19] <~Rights> Y'wanna hear about Chainshank's cock?
[22:19] <crackles> …of course you do :|
[22:19] <~Rights> "Cock" I should say
[22:19] <crackles> what the christ
09[22:20] * crackles not sure if want
[22:20] <~Rights> 8D
[22:20] <~Rights> It's not as sexy as it seems
[22:20] <crackles> i know it isn't
[22:20] <crackles> but wat
[22:20] <crackles> why would he need one
[22:20] <~Rights> Uh. He probably has it just to rape teenagers with
[22:20] <~Rights> I mean, he's a slasher villain
[22:20] <crackles> there's probably thorns on it
[22:21] <crackles> :V
[22:21] <~Rights> Wow, uh, okay, there weren't gonna be
[22:21] <~Rights> But now you said it
[22:21] <~Rights> So now there are
[22:21] <~Rights> :D
[22:21] <~Rights> NICE JOB BREAKING IT
[22:21] <~Rights> *HERO*
[22:21] <crackles> i don't want to read it anymore :'(
[22:21] <~Rights> …But naaaw. He wouldn't whip out the thorns for Iriel
[22:22] <~Rights> He wants to scare her, terrify her, traumatize her…but he can't kill her or visibly injure her
[22:22] <~Rights> and people would notice if she were staggering around bleeding profusely. Or dead.
[22:22] <~Rights> Much better to just have something…standard
[22:22] <~Rights> Smoothed, worn wood
[22:22] <crackles> :|
[22:22] <crackles> http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png
[22:23] <~Rights> Or maybe even literal bone
[22:23] <crackles> http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png
[22:25] <~Rights> I can even work in the lester the molester phrase somewhere. He'll caress her hands and wrists while admiring them, pry her teardrop-wetted eyelids open to appreciate her eyes, talk abotu how "this is our little secret and nobody needs ta' know."
[22:25] <~Rights> "Unless, a' course…you wan' me to just keep my fav'rit parts of ya'."
[22:26] <crackles> there is no end to my terror
[22:27] <Dexa> there is no end to fear
[22:27] <crackles> dexanote, your character molested mine
[22:27] <crackles> how does this make you feel
[22:27] <Dexa> dirty and whitewashed
[22:28] <crackles> yeah.
15[22:29] * Maddy (~ac.lleb.lsd.22B6BC53-CRInys|yddam#ac.lleb.lsd.22B6BC53-CRInys|yddam) has left #alienpornunlimited
15[22:34] * crackles (ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #alienpornunlimited
12[22:45] * ~Rights (~ten.tww.lsd.4EFC85CE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tww.lsd.4EFC85CE-CRInys|alliztahc) Quit (Broken pipe)
06[22:55] * Dexa is now known as BerkFrick
03[23:28] * Rights (~ten.tww.lsd.4EFC85CE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tww.lsd.4EFC85CE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #alienpornunlimited
15[23:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Rights Rights
[23:28] <~Rights> Oh my god wht the fuck is wrong with you, computer?
[23:29] <Brad> D:
[23:29] <Doctopus> :3
[23:29] <~Rights> >:|
09[23:29] * ~Rights hates everything
09[23:29] * ~Rights rages
09[23:29] * ~Rights destroys the internet
09[23:30] * Doctopus watches iriel get straw slivers -everywhere-
[23:30] <Doctopus> :>
[23:31] <~Rights> :|
09[23:31] * ~Rights keep going I feel a little better
09[23:31] * BerkFrick watches the chain against skin
15[23:32] * Rights sets mode: +o Doctopus
15[23:32] * Rights sets mode: +o BerkFrick
[23:32] <Lurker> Rights D:
09[23:32] * Lurker grabbyclaws
15[23:32] * Rights sets mode: +o Lurker
09[23:32] * ~Rights grabbles
[23:32] <@Doctopus> A chain slowly wraps around her neck and she gasps, the cold metal burning before it tightens.
[23:33] <@Doctopus> Spittle sprays forth from her mouth, skin turning red as her capillaries pop from exertions prompted by primal, animalistic fear.
[23:33] <~Rights> Also, gonna work a bit on an "alien" design and wonky-ass weird genital ideas. But strangely standard, at the same time.
09[23:33] * ~Rights takes notes
[23:33] <~Rights> Mmhmmmmmm
[23:34] <@Doctopus> Straw scrapes down her belly, leaving reddened, angry welts behind.
[23:34] <@Doctopus> He chuckles, darkly.
[23:34] <@Doctopus> "Sensative, dearie?"
[23:34] <@Doctopus> "We'll be fixin' that."
[23:35] <~Rights> :)
[23:35] <@Doctopus> She gazes upwards, tears running down her cheeks as he reaches down between her legs…
09[23:35] * @Doctopus stops.
09[23:35] * @Doctopus watches the room get blueballs.
09[23:35] * @Doctopus u mad bro
[23:35] <~Rights> fffffffffffffffffffffff
[23:36] <~Rights> I need to get dice in here
[23:37] <Brad> why
[23:37] <~Rights> <Doctopus> .choose horrible womb punching, or pure rape
[23:37] <~Rights> <Grapewhistle> Doctopus: or pure rape
[23:38] <Brad> hahah
[23:38] <@Doctopus> Scraping against her lower lips, he rasps out a low laugh.
[23:38] <@BerkFrick> I'm consulting him on the nature of Chainshank's dick
[23:39] <@Doctopus> "Not thinkin' about yer neck anymore are you?"
03[23:39] * crackles (ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #alienpornunlimited
[23:40] <@Doctopus> […]
[23:40] <crackles> I DEMAND PASTEBINS so i know how hard to cry
[23:40] <@Doctopus> [this is awkward now]
[23:40] <~Rights> Keep going you saucy whore, Burns
[23:40] <@Doctopus> [i can't do it while she's watching D:]
[23:40] <~Rights> Crackles nevermind, just leave that picture of you crying under your desk and go.
[23:40] <crackles> http://i52.tinypic.com/2whgz8o.png
15[23:40] * crackles (ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.5ABE2F6E-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #alienpornunlimited
[23:41] <@Doctopus> right
[23:41] <~Rights> :3
[23:41] <@Doctopus> The intrusion is sudden and horrible, the muscles in her neck tensing in a soundless scream as he forces a finger in.
[23:41] <~Rights> continuuuue
[23:42] <~Rights> [[nhg <3]]
[23:42] <@Doctopus> He probes her, rasping along from side to side, before removing the digit and holding it up to her for inspection.
[23:43] <@Doctopus> "I knew you'd enjoy it." Blood glistens darkly on the straw as he laughs again.
[23:47] <@Doctopus> He pulls the delicate cloth off of her, baring her to the world as his hand moves to undo his own pants.
03[23:49] * Heiden (~ten.htuoslleb.mem.FE3E0F5F-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.htuoslleb.mem.FE3E0F5F-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #alienpornunlimited
[23:49] <Heiden> did u do this
[23:49] <~Rights> :3
[23:49] <~Rights> sshhhhh the show is going
09[23:50] * Heiden shuts up, sits down
[23:51] <@Doctopus> A thick tangle of stems, heather and coachwhip gather between his legs. Wicker weaved together in a thick, knoted mass with a bulb of unflowered thistle at the head.
[23:51] <@Doctopus> [WINCE DAMN YOU]
[23:52] <~Rights> [Wow this is getting a lot worse than what I was gonna do, man]
[23:52] <~Rights> [Ku]
[23:52] <~Rights> [Fuckin]
[23:52] <~Rights> [Dos]
[23:52] <~Rights> [ :D ]
[23:52] <Heiden> …
[23:53] <@Doctopus> Her struggles increase as he mockingly runs the length of it across her, drool mixing in with her tears as the chain briefly tightens around her neck.
[23:54] <@Doctopus> [I'mma keep it brief btw]
[23:54] <@Doctopus> A single excruciating thrust buries it in, the pointed head stabbing into her cervix as a thin gasping wail escapes.
15[23:55] * Heiden (~ten.htuoslleb.mem.FE3E0F5F-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.htuoslleb.mem.FE3E0F5F-CRInys|alliztahc) has left #alienpornunlimited
[23:56] <@Doctopus> [hmm]
[23:56] <@Doctopus> [a fact has been brought to my attention that makes this INFINITELY CREEPY]
[23:56] <@Doctopus> [I didn't know iriel was 14]
[23:56] <@Doctopus> [I'd say I'm a little disgusted with myself]
[23:56] <@Doctopus> [But that implies that isn't my DEFAULT STATE OF BEING]
[23:56] <~Rights> [ahahahah TOO LATE]
[23:57] <@BerkFrick> [[I'm sorry Burns, this is why Rights couldnt do it.]]
[23:57] <@Doctopus> [Okay]
[23:57] <~Rights> [[What/ No.]]
[23:57] <~Rights> [[I coiuldn't do it because I was distracted[[
[23:58] <@Doctopus> [The only thing worse than writing rape/guro with a 14 year old]
[23:58] <@Doctopus> [is not FINISHING the rape/guro involving a 14 year old]
[23:58] <@Doctopus> [WERE DOIN THIS MAN][
[23:58] <@Doctopus> [WERE MAKING THIS HAPPEN}
[23:59] <@Doctopus> His hips begin a steady rhythm as blood begans to run down her legs in rivulets.
Session Time: Mon Apr 18 00:00:00 2011
[00:00] <@Doctopus> His eyes burn into hers as her hips are battered by the thorny mockery of pubic hair that adorns his pelvis, welts weeping red blood that slickly adorns his body.
[00:02] <@Lurker> [[ Where* Hapen* ]]
03[00:03] * Tom90deg (~PI.490D970A.2C1A8D7C.031B30AB|ged09moT#PI.490D970A.2C1A8D7C.031B30AB|ged09moT) has joined #alienpornunlimited
[00:03] <@Doctopus> Her vision slowly begins to grey out as her struggles weaken. Bloodloss makes the world condense into a single point of white light.
[00:04] <@Doctopus> Slowly, painfully, Iriel ceased.
[00:05] <@Doctopus> Chainshank paused in his thrusting, and drew out of the wet ruin between her legs. He turned, noting movement out of the corner of his eye. A Page stared at him in horror.
[00:05] <~Rights> IS HE GONNA RAPE THE PAGE
[00:05] <@Doctopus> "Alright guv. It's a fair cop. Y'caught me."
[00:05] <@Doctopus> *FIN*

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