C. Megalodon
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An aerial photograph of SCP-XXX surfacing alongside a privately owned yacht. (Picture taken ██/██/19██)

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is located in and around the ██████ Islands, now designated Bio Site-██, in the South ███████ Ocean. The designation Bio Site-██-B refers to the surrounding installation. ██-B is a massive titanium structure encompassing approximately 8 km2, large enough to surround the tiny archipelago without allowing room for SCP-XXX to build up any considerable momentum (see Incident Report XXXXXXXX). On-site research and housing are located on the islands themselves, making it necessary for the occasional ship to travel between ██-B and the islands themselves. Ships are to embark to and from the structure one at a time – any more traffic might incite SCP-XXX’s attention. The structure, built from the ocean floor to two storeys above sea-level, has fallen under a negotiated research deal with the ████████ and ██████ ██████ governments to allow the structure to remain in international waters with a protective military cordon to ward off civilian and other shipping traffic. To ensure Foundation secrecy and the protection of the SCP in question, the exact nature of SCP-XXX is not known to either government. Furthermore, civilians turned back by the military cordon, as well as those Navy personnel completing duty enforcing the cordon, are to be treated with a Class-A amnesiac to ensure project secrecy.

Bio Site-██-B is to be manned by a research team of one hundred (100) Level 2 personnel headed up by Dr. ███████. Fifty (50) Level 3 security personnel are to be kept on site at all times.

Because of the creature’s ability to detect electromagnetic fields, no electronic equipment of any kind is permitted in the research galleries that line the inside walls of the structure.

Description: SCP-XXX is a (approx.) 22m (72ft) female specimen of the previously-thought extinct species C. Megalodon. [DATA EXPUNGED] giving it the appearance of a giant Great White Shark. Measurements taken from a tooth found lodged in [DATA EXPUNGED] put the average length of the creature’s teeth at approximately 22cm (8.7 inches). Given the creature’s immense size, a daily crop of orca, bottlenose dolphin and (if possible) whale shark is to be released freely into the island chain to allow SCP-XXX to hunt and feed in a simulated natural environment. Specimens for feeding are to be acquired through association with ████████ whaling authorities.

The first alleged sighting of SCP-XXX, or more precisely, a progenitor of SCP-XXX, was recorded by crewmen of the HMS Beagle in 1832, stemming from an unrecorded stop-off at the island chain. Charles Darwin, at the time a young naturalist aboard the vessel, is said to have [DATA EXPUNGED], thus resulting in several sketches and essays with the creature the subject of each. Upon arriving in Cape Town, members of a group largely viewed as a precursor to the Foundation swore Darwin and the crew of the Beagle to secrecy whilst also confiscating the records Darwin had made of the animal. It is believed that the compiled essays would have served as the foundations of an omitted chapter of the “Origin of Species” had the Foundation not stepped in to secure the information. The islands were put under the careful observation of this early incarnation of the Foundation and [DATA EXPUNGED], until 19██, after continued supposed Megalodon sightings by holidaymakers and other seaborne vessels caused the Foundation to step in and begin construction of Bio Site-██-B.

Addendum 1: Research is currently pending approval to determine if the existence of a living specimen of C. Megalodon could be attributed to the effects of SCP-286.

Addendum 2: Look, I know it’s great to be able to go for a swim during R&R time but, use a bit of initiative, people. Please only swim on the outside of the containment site.

Addendum 3: Okay it’s been two days, we may as well assume the crew of the ███████ won’t be rejoining the roster. As of the date of this addendum (██/██/████), ships operating within the containment zone are to only embark during the daylight. No more nasty surprises. Also, anyone based on the islands is not to go anywhere alone. Travel in twos, no matter what you’re doing. Those strips of sand aren’t very big, just remember that.

Addendum 4: A request to use Bio Site-██ to dispose of Class D personnel is currently pending. While I respect the wishes of the brass, I won’t allow a cohort of thrashing, screaming maniacs to disrupt SCP-XXX’s natural habits and behavioural patterns. I’m running a research project here, not a gas chamber. - Dr. ███████.

Addendum 5: Jesus Christ, you guys saw what that thing did to ██████’s cage. He [DATA EXPUNGED] and all any of us could do was stand around and watch helplessly. From now on, we stick to the subs to observe the creature; no more diving, no more cages.

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