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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-XXX are contained in a standard locker at Storage Unit-07. Personnel are to avoid placing any part of their body into SCP-XXX when assembled except under experimental conditions. Any additional instances of SCP-XXX are to be confiscated by SCP Foundation agents posing as "Kidz Own" employees executing a recall.

Description: SCP-XXX is apparently a “Kidz Own”-brand toddler car seat, model ████-█████. When a person comes in contact with the back or base of the seat, they are "calmed". Symptoms include lethargy, a tendency to stare vacantly into space, unwillingness to communicate, and complete disinterest in external surroundings and events. Onset of symptoms is delayed by 30 minutes.

SCP-XXX is constructed of polyvinylcholride, styrofoam, polyester padding, and a polyester lining. To date, all instances of SCP-XXX have had black and tan linings. Standard child seat web belt attachments are provided for LATCH and lap belt installation. Components do not exhibit anomalous properties when separated, and have nominal hardness/durability characteristics of their components – the polyester can be cut with standard scissors. Testing to U.S. NHTSA standards shows that the seat will safely restrain the occupant in a 56 kph car wreck, which along with its dimensions places it in UN ECE R44/04 Groups 1 and 2.

Although “Kidz Own” is not a brand currently on the general market, there is a sticker applied to the underside of the base of SCP-XXX that proclaims it to be “Another fine Dr. Wondertainment Product!” with “Guaranteed QuietRide™ technology!” No user manual has yet been recovered, though there are stickers in English, Spanish, and French indicating method of operation and a rudimentary level indicator.

Empirical testing has shown that the effects of the seats on occupants lasts for a duration that increases exponentially relative to cumulative time spent in the seat. SCP-XXX-01 through -06 (serial numbers 00037, 00018, 02029, 01490, 01974, and 00059, respectively) were retrieved from Orlando, Florida in 20██ after reports of █ children being diagnosed with "temporary autistic-like symptoms" came to Foundation doctors embedded in the CDC. SCP-XXX-06, in particular, was retrieved from a family who had driven from Peoria, Iowa, and were concerned that their son had suddenly lost interest in visiting ██████ █████. Prior to the trip, the child had talked about nothing but the trip for months.

SCP-XXX-03 was destroyed in the course of impact/durability testing.

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