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SCP-XXX when not in use.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-XXX is held in a standard locked container at Site-19, numbered A235-XXX. When in testing use, using a ████████-model freezer located in test lab A-452 is advisable for freezing purposes. When creating solutions taking precautions for the possible production of dangerous compounds, both liquid and gaseous, is instructed. Failures to meet these testing safety measures will be sanctioned appropriately. When producing cubes for testing purposes, production of more than the nescessary amount of cubes is prohibited for safety purposes. When testing is finished, SCP-XXX is to be washed, dried and returned to its container.

Under no circumstances are cubes produced through the use of SCP-XXX to be let in contact with large reserves of water or other such liquids.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a dark gray colored plastic ice cube tray of unremarkable construction capable of holding up to fifteen (15) ice cubes at a time. Tests show no abnormalities in the contruction material or structure of SCP-XXX.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXX manifest when the tray is filled with water and put to a freezer, or other environment with sub-zero temperatures, and kept there for a time that is normally required for the given amount of water to freeze. They tray can be filled with any kind of water, including tap water, distilled water and water with various ingredients dissolved into it. However, liquids that do not count as water, such as milk, juice or alcoholic beverages, do not trigger the anomalous effect. Research is ongoing on how the tray "defines" water.

When the water placed in SCP-XXX has frozen and formed ice cubes, the anomalous effects become apparent. Instead of normal ice cubes, each of the slots of SCP-XXX is filled with ice cubes of various colors. When analyzed in a dry environment, the cubes don't show any special properties outside certain unremarkable chemical traces and will melt down back to water if let to melt. However, when a cube is placed in a liquid, it will dissolve nearly instantaneously and change the liquid through an unknown chemical process into another, different liquid (see Test Log XXX for several examples of witnessed liquid transmutations).

Test Log XXX:

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