Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1524 is contained in within storage locker ██ on Site ██. Under no circumstances is SCP-1524 to be taken without approval from two level-5 researchers. See Addendum 1 for details.


Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Object Class: Keter

SCP-1024-5 video feed during [DATA EXPUNGED]

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1040 must be confined within the temple of Balu ḫalālu as it was originally found. It must never leave its pedestal and must be kept secure by at least four armed guards each wearing professional SCP-safe protective gear in case of release. In the event of [DATA EXPUNGED] site may be cleared for a nuclear detonation and labeled as an act of aggression from [DATA EXPUNGED]. No camera or video feeds are allowed within the temple and real surveillance has been terminated after EXPERIMENT-██████████████. Every 6 months a D-class must be sent into SCP-1024 as described in the bible found in the temple, it is unknown what happens to the person sent into SCP-1024, however with the [DATA EXPUNGED] of Dr. D████ it is assumed to [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-1040-1-6 are kept in a small room 5m x 5m x 5m covered in screens that play a continuous static located in SITE-██. Should the static broadcast ever stop on any of the screens at a team of technicians and soldiers must enter the room and return the broadcast or change the screen. Contact with SCP 1040-1-7 has been terminated after [DATA EXPUNGED] and hostile intent on SCP-1024-1-6 is authorized if any problems arise. Under no circumstances is electronic equipment to come within viewing or audio recording distance.

Discovered by Dr. S█████ in 19██ on a vacation to  ██████ near the ███████ desert in a remote temple, local residents have shown to be aware of the temple, claiming it's use for generations and have intense hostilities with the temple. Interestingly, while residents claim the temple was active to the day of it's finding by SCP agents, citing intense lights and sounds from the interior, forensics have proven that the last human inside the temple was over 300 years ago. Dr. S█████ discovered SCP-1040 after doing an investigation on the temple, and reported his findings. Information on the cult is sparse however after discovery of a bible written in over 10,000 years ago, it has been determined to originate in Southern █████ and claimed the Akkadian name "Balu ḫalālu"; roughly "Without Sound". The bible, containing thousands of pages written in a combination of ancient Sumerian and [DATA EXPUNGED] is currently being translated. Deciphering the bible has been slow, the pages that have been decoded, however, reveal much information on SCP-1040 as well as █-████, of note is a ritual described in the last pages of the book, describing sacrifices being sent into █-████ during a three year period of kidnapping victims, described in the book for "Clensing the virus."

SCP-1040 is a mirror 4 meters tall and 1 meter across bordered by Cyprus wood. The reflective surface of the mirror appears to be composed of a static similar to white noise found on a tv constantly moving around inside the mirror. Personal near the mirror note that a sound of extremely loud static. coming from the inside. Prolonged listening proves detrimental to human psychology with the sound causing physical and psychological damage from intense listening. Occasionally an entity may be seen pounding on the glass of the mirror. Interestingly, organic material making contact with the surface of the mirror will phase through the surface, and will displace to a location deemed █-████.

After the events of EXPERIMENT-██████████████ a total of 6 beings have been released from SCP-1040, now referred to as SCP-1040-1-6, these beings resemble humans, and range in height from 4' to 7'. These entities are all composed of the static seen inside the mirror. How the static manages to stay in it's form is unknown. All entities seen have shown sentience, and capable of speech and even capable of interviews, though discerning their voices is difficult for the human mind as well as modern recording devices. Though violence and contempt has been noticed from the entities, they are more often reserved and quiet, preferring to be left alone. More information can be found inside SCP-1040-1-6 logs and 1040-1-6 interviews.

Attempts to record 1040-1-6 have met with considerable difficulty, video and audio recordings prove impossible to comprehend, only appearing or sounding as white noise or static. However thanks to the study and research by Dr. D████ before his [DATA EXPUNGED] Video can be decoded through repeated run-through of a program of Dr. █████'s own design, however audio is impossible to decode and remains as static. After EVENT-████████ surveillance of both SCP-1040 as well as SCP-1040-1-6 is forbidden.

Addendum: Almost all contact with static beings has been cut, with only occasional tests or experiments being run with 05 permission required. After the escape of SCP 1040-1 from the mirror, a large crack has been seen forming from the top of the mirror. Starting small at first, it expanded on the release of ████████, and continues to grow larger every time another static being escapes, the crack is approximately ██ inches high. The foundation is currently seeking a way to fix the window, but all attempts have proven impossible due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-1024. It is unknown how many entities exist within SCP-1024 however thanks in no small part to Dr. D████ we have a projected estimate of █████. in the event of [DATA EXPUNGED] projected XK class end-of-the-world event as well as possible [DATA EXPUNGED].

|SCP-1024 EVENT-████████ audio recordinng:

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