Captain Violence
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

SCP-XXX-1 as found on site

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX may be safely stored in sealed steel drums which are to be kept in a locked room. This room must either have heavily reinforced supports underneath it, or be on the lowest level of the storage facility. Twelve (12) 500mL Erlenmeyer flasks filled with SCP-XXX will be kept in a safe in the office of Dr. G█████, and may be checked out for testing purposes by any personell with a Level 3 clearance or above who have submitted a written proposal for experimentation. SCP-XXX-1 is to be stored in the same room with SCP-XXX, with its piping detached and wrapped in heavy tarps.

Description: SCP-XXX is a highly dense dark red or orange liquid similar to tree sap in viscosity. It has a faint sweet smell and is reported to have a sweet taste. Chemical analysis has shown SCP-XXX to be composed primarily of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and a previously unknown heavy element, SCP-XXX-2, that seems to reside in the "Island of Stability" on the periodic table. This accounts for the high density, but how its presence causes the effects related to ingestion of SCP-XXX is not currently known.

When absorbed by plants, SCP-XXX causes several changes in the structure of the plant. Over the course of a week, cell walls are reinforced with the unknown heavy element, giving the plant an extremely sturdy structure, and [REDACTED]. Study of the area where SCP-XXX was found seems to show that the long term effects are an average ██% increase in size and ██% increase in growth rate in plants affected by SCP-XXX as compared to a standard specimen of the same species. However, when a plant's supply of SCP-XXX is removed, the plant experiences extremely rapid death.

Similar changes are shown in humans and animals when SCP-XXX is repeatedly ingested, though a single exposure to SCP-XXX seems to have no effect at all. However, these changes are not beneficial as they are in plants. In any case, contact with the fluid is not advised.

A watermelon found on site, approximately ██ seconds after being seperated from its vine

Notes: SCP-XXX was discovered by Agent A███ C███████ near a cabin in the forest surrounding ████ ████ in southwestern M██████. While on vacation in the area, Agent C███████ read an article in the paper describing the gruesome death of a local boy. The newspaper stated that after repeatedly playing with a statue at a rarely-used vacation home nearby, his bones [REDACTED] causing extreme pain, total immobility, and eventually suffocation. A later autopsy performed by Foundation medical staff showed that the same process occurred in the skin and muscles to a lesser degree, and that the cause of death was actually rapid degeneration associated with discontinued intake of SCP-XXX.

Upon investigation, Agent C███████ found a statue of St. Bernadette Soubirous at the site, apparently crying tears of blood, surrounded by a particularly lush patch of forest. Further investigation into the site showed that the statue, SCP-XXX-1, is in fact a fountain of sorts, and that a lead pipe extended down approximately ██ meters from the bottom of SCP-XXX-1 into a reservoir of SCP-XXX trapped between alluvial layers. SCP-XXX-1 itself seems to be made from a concrete mixture that includes very low concentrations of SCP-XXX-2. Its age is undetermined, but photographic records of the nearby estate show its arrival there approximately 90 years prior. The interior workings of the fountain mechanism are also currently unknown due to analytical complications created by the presence of SCP-XXX-2.

Monitoring piezometers onsite approximately 2 weeks after removal of SCP-XXX

As per Foundation policy, SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX-1 were removed to be brought under containment. Draining of SCP-XXX from the reservoir proved difficult due not only to its viscosity, but also to the rapid death of the surrounding plant life. Because trees were reinforced with SCP-XXX-2, they were much denser and stronger than normal wood, but were unable to support themselves after their supply of SCP-XXX was insufficient to sustain life. The falling trees killed one member of the pump team as they finished their work, injured a supervising agent, and crushed the cab of the drill rig. All trees were left virtually unscathed after their falls, prompting retrieval and subsequent research into use of SCP-XXX-treated wood or plant fibers in armor or containment materials. Monitoring of the surrounding groundwater and of the previous reservoir at the original site have not shown any recurrance of SCP-XXX.

Addendum XXX-01: Upon closer examination of SCP-XXX-1, a faint series of characters was found imprinted on the base of the statue. The weathering on SCP-XXX-1 and specifically on the characters precludes a definite conclusion, but they appear to read 'The Factory.' It is unclear if The Factory is actually involved, and to what extent their involvement might be, considering that SCP-XXX itself did not appear to be manufactured.

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