Century Catacombs
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the heavily urbanized nature of subject's location a unit from MTF Pi-1 (aka "City Slickers") has been assigned to contain the anomaly and prevent civilian access. MTF Pi-1 are currently making use of the nearby abandoned E██████ boarding house (henceforth referred to as Site-78), a long-term Foundation asset often used during extended containment and transportation of anomalous objects and materials throughout the city. Modifications to Site-78 since discovery and subsequent containment of subject include structural modification to accommodate a basement level access point through which the subterranean perimeter of subject can be monitored for unauthorized foot traffic and any here-to undiscovered extraneous anomalies without drawing undue attention to Foundation activities. Any unauthorized persons are to be detained, questioned and given Class-C amnesiacs before they are released.

Description: Discovered in 19██ within the city of █████, France during the first wave of illegal civilian explorations into ██████ after a spate of reports concerning missing persons drew the attention of Foundation agents within the district Gendarme. Subsequent investigations of subterranean access points lead personnel to what is currently known as the only entrance into the subject, the establishment of Site-78 and to the first exploration of the anomalous site (see exploration log 001 for details).

SCP-XXXX is thought to be a dimensional pocket located approximately one hundred and fifty (150) meters below street level, the structure of the chambers and tunnels within the anomaly do not match up to any existing maps and attempts to access the subject through tunnels surrounding it's presumed physical location have only led researchers into known, non-anomalous areas corresponding to maps in Foundation possession and have weakened the subterranean structure surrounding the subject considerably, for this reason attempts at breaching subject through unorthodox means have been stopped on the order of Dr. S███████. In order to access it the exploration team must first remove the manhole cover located on the ██████ and ████ intersection, before descending down a ladder into what Site-78 Staff refer to as the "antechamber".

It is worth mentioning at this point that samples taken from the manhole cover, ladder and concrete lining of the hole have tested to be mundane and not in any discernible way anomalous -Site-78 Research Team.

SCP-XXXX-01 is thought to manifest itself upon objects (living or inanimate) taken past the antechamber inside SCP-XXXX for a period estimated at around 3 hours. The cause is not yet fully understood, the effect is fatal to living beings and will ultimately destroy any material that is
brought out of SCP-XXXX

The antechamber is lain out in a cylindrical fashion, twelve (12) meters by twelve (12) meters in diameter with a domed ceiling fifteen (15) meters high at its apex. The room is constructed of sandstone blocks with two (2) small concaves on either side wall which at one point would have appeared to house two (2) objects made from bronze with all that's left in the concaves being heavily oxidized stumps of metal bearing traces matching a large iron file. To the front of the entry ladder stands a reinforced pine door in a style which would suggest late 1█th century Germanic craftsmanship.

The areas beyond the antechamber door and the tunnel leading off it have only ever been observed remotely by Site-78 research personnel, see logs for more details. The door may only be opened by hand, attempts to remove the door or force it open mechanically have met with repeated failure and often the destruction of equipment involved.

Exploration teams are to consist of three (3) D Class personnel —and two (2) armed members of MTF Pi-1 - each equipped with MRE packs and subterranean navigation equipment, including NVG, flashlights + batteries to last one (1) week.

Due to the incidents filed below, exploration teams will hereby consist of three (3) armed Class D personnel alone. We cannot afford to lose any more MTF personnel than we already have -Dr. S███████.

Addendum: It has been decided to halt all experimentation and exploration of the subject at the present time, it is enough to keep anyone from entering right now -Dr. S███████

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