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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area of 20km surrounding SCP-XXX has been declared a no-fly zone. Two Foundation ships are to patrol the waters in the no-fly zone at all times. Trespassers are to be terminated.

SCP-XXX-2 has been anchored to the sea floor, preventing SCP-XXX-1 from moving. Following Incident XX-C, scrambling equipment has been installed on the patrol ships to prevent radio contact.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 is a female of mediterranean descent. Exact measurements are impossible to obtain, forcing researchers to estimate size based on first hand accounts.

SCP-XXX-1 is approximately 11 meters tall with black hair and eyes. A hook approximately four meters long is embedded into her spine and ends abruptly without any means of support. This hook holds SCP-XXX hanging roughly 3km above sea level in an area 80km off the western coast of Portugal.

SCP-XXX-2 is a stone tablet currently sitting on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Carvings upon the tablet are in ancient Greek and explain [DATA EXPUNGED] and their subsequent punishments. SCP-XXX-1 appears to hang over this tablet, and moving the tablet moves it also.

SCP-XXX came to the attention of the Foundation in 199█ after several ships went missing in the same area of the Atlantic. A fly-by using several aircraft verified the presence of SCP-XXX-1. A survey of the surrounding ocean revealed several anomalies leading to the location of SCP-XXX-2.

Following Incident XX-C, all attempts to communicate with SCP-XXX-1 are on an indefinite ban.

Incident XX-A

On ██-██-20██ Agent Howe attempted close-range communication with SCP-XXX-1 with Agent Borne staying a distance of 100m in order to film the event.

The video cuts on to show a helicopter moving closer to SCP-XXX-1.
Borne: Hey Howe, don't rush it. We don't know what this thing can do.
Howe: I know what I'm doing.

The helicopter is within 30m of SCP-XXX-1 when it opens its eyes. As it approaches 20m distance its mouth opens and a blast is heard over the camera's microphone.
Borne: What was that? Howe are you there?

The helicopter is seen turning to face the camera. Radio is silent for next 30 seconds.

████: Have you come to free me?
Borne: Who are you?
████:Please help me.
Borne: Howe! Come in Howe!
████: Destroy it and I can be free.
Borne: Howe!

After one minute and 32 seconds the helicopter moves closer to the camera.

Borne: Howe? Are you there?
Howe: Why won't you help her? Help her so she'll leave me alone!
Borne: Help her? I want to get you, get the hell out of here, and to hell with her!
████: [Unintelligible]

The camera shows SCP-XXX-1 open its mouth. Another blast is heard and the helicopter explodes. The camera begins to shake as turbulence hits the craft. A final frame of SCP-XXX-1 opening its mouth is seen once more before the feed ends.

Incident XX-B
Agent Grant was assigned to slowly approach SCP-XXX-1 in order to attempt communication. Agent Smith was to keep a distance of 150m to film. Both helicopters were equipped with a microphone sending a live feed to one of the patrol ships.

A helicopter is seen 50m from SCP-XXX-1, which already has its eyes open.

Grant: We mean you no harm. We only seek information.
████: Help me. Please.
Grant: I can't help you until I know more about the situation. Can you tell me your name?
████: My name is ████, I am not yours to command. Help me.
Grant: Look if you aren't going to help me then I'm not going to help you.
████: [Unintelligible]

SCP-XXX-1 opens its mouth. A blast is heard from both the microphone and the camera, followed by the helicopter exploding.

Smith: Shit…she got him.
████: Will you help me?
Smith: I don't have a radio in this thing…how the hell is she talking to me?
████: I am the last one. Please help me.
Smith: Who are you?
████ :I am your master. Help me.
Smith: Why should I?

SCP-XXX-1 opens its mouth. Video feed cuts off after a loud explosion is heard.

In the communications room of the patrol ship, the technician listening to the live feed severed his own hand and used the blood to write βιαιοθανατέω on the walls. Research into this is ongoing.

Incident XX-C
An attempt was made to contact SCP-XXX-1 through a land based communications base. The following is footage of the closed circuit security camera.

Three radio technicians are speaking into microphones.
Tech. A: I got her! She sounds like she's crying…hang on. Yes…is this ████? Can you hear me ████?
████: Are you able to help me?
Tech. A: I would love to but I need you to help me first.
████: No…I think you are going to anyways.

Audio is filled with high pitched whine. After 30 seconds Technician A rises from his chair and attempts to exit the room. Technician B tries to stop him, initiating a struggle. A guard enters the room.

Tech C: ████ can you make them stop?
████: No. My husband made it clear when he punished me to this that only one of your kind can end it. And he is open my influence unlike you.
Tech C: Who was your husband?
████: You pretend ignorance but you know. His name is likened to a storm and his power unequaled. But he is dead and I live. Why will you not help me?
Tech C: I don't know how.
████: [Unintelligible.]

Another high pitched whine is heard. The video freezes for one minute as the sound of gunshots and screaming is heard.

The video unfreezes to show Technician A lying on the ground bleeding from the chest. Technician B is crouched in one corner holding his head. Technician C is on the floor with blood flowing from his ears. On two of the walls βιαιοθανατέω has been marked in blood.

Following Incident XX-C, SCP-XXX is not to be contacted by any means.

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