Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in a locked 20'x40' glass room with at least six (6) HVR-Z7U HDV video cameras focused on it at all times when not in use. Only level 04 personnel and above are allowed access to SCP-XXX, and any testing must first be approved by level 05 personnel due to the events after [UNAUTHORIZED] resulting in the death of all users. Any and all subjects who have used SCP-XXX must either be terminated or closely monitored and equipped with a lethal shock collar to prevent risk of exposure.

Description: SCP-XXX is a 48” x 72” Chalkboard with a hardwood frame. It has a white piece of chalk, 0.35” in diameter and 3.15” long, connected to its frame by a simple nylon string. The chalk itself has not been worn down since SCP-XXX’s initial containment in 18██, although it shows no abnormal qualities otherwise.

When marked upon, SCP-XXX shows no abnormal activity until an object moves to obstruct all vision of the chalk board (Note: this does NOT include a mere lapse in vision; SCP-XXX must be entirely covered by a solid opaque object -Dr.████). After a view of SCP-XXX has been regained, the previous images upon the board are warped into gory or monstrous versions of said markings, but with full color and photorealistic quality. The image seemingly cannot be removed with any sort of eraser or cleaning chemical, but once an object covers SCP-XXX for a second time, the chalkboard emerges without a single marking.

Note that this process cannot be replicated by marking upon a normal chalkboard with the chalk from SCP-XXX, or by marking upon SCP-XXX with any other writing utensil.

Subjects who have marked upon SCP-XXX and seen the resulting images have reported, within a day, not being able to stop thinking about the images they had seen; after three day’s, not being able to sleep due to being obsessed by the image; and within a week, [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in immediate termination by order of Section ████ chief. It has been shown that others who have witnessed SCP-XXX’s images but not drawn on the board, portray no such behavior. (Note: We have been unable to test the affects of a child marking upon SCP-XXX due to the unique reaction to the item's presence displayed by anyone under the age of eighteen (18). All children go into catatonic shock upon sighting SCP-XXX -Dr.████).

The item was discovered in an abandoned elementary school in █████, Wisconsin, 18██. The Foundation's attention was brought to the school by reports of strange noises, spirits and [UNAUTHORIZED]. The elementary school had been quarantined from the rest of the town since 18██ for no known recorded reasons. No one in the town had been known to breach the quarantine due to the strange urban legends associated with the school.

Addendum XXX-1: After the nearly catastrophic events of [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-XXX has been moved to facility █7b. Protocol XXX-H7 is in affect. From this point onward, all use of SCP-XXX is forbidden, anyone who has come into contact with the item is to be closely monitored.

Addendum XXX-2: Testing has been resumed temporarily. Only level 04 personnel and above are to have access to SCP-XXX without direct approval from the board. All testing must be approved by level 05 personnel.

Addendum XXX-3: A male child (8 years of age), wearing a light blocking visor designed to effectively blind its wearer, was able to approach SCP-XXX without any ill affects. The child could mark upon SCP-XXX without any difficulty, but the resulting image created was [DATA EXPUNGED] swiftly causing SCP-███ and SCP-███ to [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in severe damage to facility █7b. SCP-XXX has now been moved to [UNAUTHORIZED] and children are strictly forbidden from any part of the facility.

Note: Good god! What in the hell did we do? That thing was [DATA EXPUNGED] over and over again, it wouldn't stop! Then the kid started [DATA EXPUNGED], and before we could do anything to stop it, the damn thing began to [UNAUTHORIZED]. I thought I'd seen it all when that innocent child was put in SCP-682's testing chamber, but this… this is a whole other kind of messed up. You can take this as my final resignation. -Dr.████

Addendum XXX-4: Dr.████ committed suicide by means of self mutilation on █/██/██. In light of this, any and all personnel who have come into even the slightest contact with SCP-XXX after ██/██/██ must report for psychological evaluation.

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