Challenger Deep Report
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Item #: SCP-xxxx
SCP-xxxx during an interview.

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a locked 4 x 3 meter cell at all times. No physical contact is to be made with the subject without prior written approval. Personnel may access SCP-xxxx's cell upon completion of Form 33-b, but any communication with the subject must be made in the presence of a Level 3 researcher or higher1

Description: SCP-xxxx appears to be a late 19th century diving apparatus containing a live entity of possible European descent. It is unknown what the subject looks like due to light being blocked from entering its visor by an opaque black liquid, but it has claimed to be a human male. Any attempt for more information about this has resulted in it stating that it does not remember its appearance.

SCP-xxxx was moved to Site 17 in 1994. The subject was found exiting the Mariana Trench in the Pacific ocean. A private scientific organization was first to spot it during their surveys on the trench. They called in to confirm that no other organization was conducting research, and upon further study of the subject, they discovered its air tubes were not connected to any oxygen source. They relayed the message back to local authorities at which point the Foundation was alerted.

The Foundation then asserted ownership of the suit and claimed it was a mechanical replica of an old exploration unit and advised the company to avoid contact. Upon retrieval it was discovered that SCP-xxxx still had full functionality and the ability to speak. It stated it was a human male and that it hailed from Britain. The specimen then alleged to have been part of the original HMS Challenger which took sail in 1872. The subject had stated that during the original discovery of what is now known as Challenger Deep the crew had elected to explore the depths and SCP-xxxx had decided that it would to be the first one to go under. It was lifted up and over the side of the ship, at which point it broke free of the ship harness and sunk into the trench. Further attempts to understand how it survived for so long have yielded no results due to the specimen not being aware of what caused its current state.

SCP-xxxx's suit is 2.3 meters tall and has a .5 meter extension from the top of its visor to its peak. Any attempt to shine light into SCP-xxxx’s visor has resulted in mild physical pain to the subject. It seems that the inside of his suit is full of a black liquid. Staff have reported the sounds of shuffling water coming from inside the suit and during conversations SCP-xxxx's voice can become inaudible. It is believed the subject cannot survive outside of its suit, the cause of this is unknown but the speculation is that either the liquid or suit itself keeps it stable. Until the Foundation can find the source of the black liquid it is required that all staff leave the specimen contained in the suit.


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