Chaoseed Seedlings

SCP-363-PROV - "Temple of Tezcatlipoca"

Object has provisionary designation SCP-363-PROV while final dispensation is decided.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

Object SCP-363-PROV-1 (Euclid) is to be stored in a 10mx10mx10m "hangar-type" warehouse room at Site ██. In the past it has demonstrated a mental attraction effect; therefore its room is to be securely locked and access only authorized by Level 4 personnel who have never come into contact with it. Double-blind security reviews have concluded that ██ researchers and ██ D-class personnel have attempted to access SCP-363-PROV-1; however, the current security precautions have been effective so far at preventing access.

The objects designated SCP-363-PROV-2 and SCP-363-PROV-3 have been designated Safe and are available for study by Foundation personnel at Site ██. No anomalous access attempts have been recorded.


Object SCP-363-PROV-1 is a structure formed of carved obsidian blocks, in a rough "stepped pyramid" shape. Dimensions of its base are 4mx5m, and it is 3m tall at its highest point. The material is definitely obsidian, though with some unusual properties (see attached document SCP-363-PROV-G1). Each block adheres to its neighbors as though the entire structure were of one piece. (This makes it easy to move SCP-363-PROV-1, the only obstacle being its mass of approximately ███ metric tons.) The blocks display carvings in an unknown language related to Aztec logograms; it appears to be a text both in praise of and beseeching aid from the Aztec gods Tezcatlipoca and Xipe Totec (see attached document SCP-363-PROV-W1).

There are two entrances in the pyramid, linked by a corridor that winds through the structure. While the corridor has many twists and turns, it never branches and it has been mapped with little difficulty. The carvings around the entrances are different and imply that one is the "entrance" while the other is the "exit"; the corridor is only ██ meters from entrance to exit.

Object SCP-363-PROV-2 is a sheared piece of obsidian, and object SCP-363-PROV-3 is a collection of obsidian blocks and rubble. While they appear to be the same composition as SCP-363-PROV-1, they display none of SCP-363-PROV-1's unusual properties.


SCP-363-PROV-1 was recovered from [DATA EXPUNGED] Mexico [DATA EXPUNGED]. The site was treated with superstitious fear by nearby inhabitants; this fear appeared strong enough to counteract SCP-363-PROV-1's mental attraction.

Foundation researchers testing SCP-363-PROV-1's properties were able to break off a rounded corner piece in a rough pyramid shape, edges 3cm, 4cm and 5cm. It had lost the unusual properties of SCP-363-PROV-1. This piece was designated SCP-363-PROV-2; See attached document SCP-363-PROV-E2.

During the events of [DATA EXPUNGED] appeared to be of the same obsidian composition, but with none of SCP-363-PROV-1's unusual properties. The structure was disassembled, the blocks were designated SCP-363-PROV-3 and stored with SCP-363-PROV-2; it is unknown how, or from where, [DATA EXPUNGED] obtained them. See Incident Report SCP-363-PROV-I1.


Humans who enter SCP-363-PROV-1 by the entrance and follow the corridor to the exit are changed. (Research personnel have referred to these subjects as "mazed", although Dr. █████ insists on spelling the term "maized".) For variations on the standard procedure, see attached document SCP-363-PROV-E1.

Mazed subjects display the following changes:

  • Decreased volition and willpower; generally more passive personality.
  • Increased willingness to follow orders.
  • Decreased decision-making ability.
  • Increased mathematical and spatial reasoning abilities, resulting in a general IQ increase of roughly 10 points. (However, other personality changes cause the subject to appear "dumber".)
  • Increased strength, stamina and flexibility, to near a maximum of human potential. In essence, the subject is now in peak physical condition.
  • General increase in physical health.
  • Diminished sex drive.
  • Dulled pain sensitivity.
  • Increased willingness to engage in heavy physical labor.
  • 90% of subjects develop psoriasis and its accompanying plaques by 3 weeks after "mazing".

Mazed D-class personnel have been used to great success for construction tasks, even appearing to enjoy such labor. They have been instrumental in construction of [DATA EXPUNGED] at Site ██. Due to the events of [DATA EXPUNGED], all mazed personnel have been terminated. Use of SCP-363-PROV-1 is currently not authorized, as the risks may outweigh the advantages. SCP-363-PROV-1 is currently being considered for destruction.

Document SCP-363-PROV-E1: "Maze" procedure variations

Subject: D-363-4, Caucasian male aged 25.
Procedure: Subject was ordered to walk through corridor from exit to entrance.
Result: Subject accomplished task, but during debriefing said he felt "uncomfortable, guilty". No physical or mental changes observed in subject.

Subject: D-363-7, African male aged 34.
Procedure: Subject was ordered to enter the corridor entrance, walk 10 steps and then return.
Result: Subject walked through corridor without stopping, from entrance to exit. Upon being questioned, subject expressed confusion and said he "forgot" the order to return. Maze change observed in subject.

Subject: D-363-9, Hispanic female, aged 40.
Procedure: Subject was ordered to enter the corridor, walk 10 steps and then return. A cord was fastened to a harness around the subject.
Result: Subject walked through corridor and did not step after 10 steps. The cord was retracted, pulling the subject back through the corridor. Subject appeared confused, then became withdrawn. Evaluation revealed decreased IQ and new tendencies toward depression, but no other mental changes and no physical changes.

Note: While D-363-9 was being secured after the previous experiment, personnel D-363-11 walked into SCP-363-PROV-1. D-363-11 had not been ordered to do so, and in fact no testing was planned for that day with D-363-11. He was recovered at SCP-363-PROV-1's exit, and upon being questioned, reported that he was "supposed to" walk through the corridor. Maze change observed in D-363-11.

Subject: Dog (terrier).
Procedure: Subject was encouraged to walk through corridor. █████ brand pet treats used as bait.
Result: Subject walked through corridor from entrance to exit. No physiological or mental changes were observed. Subject was rewarded with pet treats.

Subject: Chimpanzee.
Procedure: Subject was encouraged to walk through corridor.
Result: [DATA EXPUNGED] expired after 15 minutes. Agent ██████ recovered after 2 weeks medical care.

Document SCP-363-PROV-E2: Obsidian cutting test

[DATA EXPUNGED] to test SCP-363-PROV-1's hardness and attempt to cut off pieces. Several D-class personnel with relevant experience (industrial hand tools) were used.

Sledgehammer: After approximately 20 impacts, no damage could be observed.

Industrial hand drill with high speed steel drill bit: Personnel D-363-44 was ordered to drill a hole in one of the outlying blocks of SCP-363-PROV-1. 30 minutes of drilling had no effect other than slight wear on drill.

Jackhammer: Personnel D-363-43 was ordered to drill between the blocks near one corner of SCP-363-PROV-1. 30 minutes of drilling had no effect. D-363-43 complained of various aches after the session, "more than usual", though he had been given all requested protective equipment.

Industrial hand saw with diamond blade: Personnel D-363-47 was directed to cut one of the outlying blocks. Agent ████ witnessed "a bright bluish-white light" emanating from the point of contact. Personnel D-363-47 reported that the cutting was "hard, but I'm making progress"; however, he also reported "more light than I expected, and it's getting really hot". 10 seconds after this report, [DATA EXPUNGED] had to be executed. Total casualties were 4 class D personnel, 1 Agent and 1 research personnel; Testing Room ██-█ required repairs. However, this experiment does prove that SCP-363-PROV-1 can be cut and possibly destroyed. Dr. ████ recommends building an automated cutting system using [DATA EXPUNGED] may be able to withstand the energy released.

The piece sheared from SCP-363-PROV-1 during this experiment was designated SCP-363-PROV-2.

Document SCP-363-PROV-G1: Geological and chemical analysis from Dr. ████████

SCP-363-PROV-1, -2 and -3 are all formed of the same material, a type of obsidian. This stone is unusual, but does not break any natural laws. SCP-363-PROV-1 has further properties that do contravene certain natural laws; these properties will be described later. Most tests have been conducted on samples from SCP-363-PROV-3.

As far as can be determined, SCP-363-PROV is formed of silicon dioxide with no impurities. This makes it unlike any known sample of obsidian. As far as can be determined, the only isotopes found in SCP-363-PROV are 28Si and 16O. This further makes SCP-363-PROV-1 unlike any known sample of silicon dioxide. If the sample is actually 100% pure, it cannot be replicated by current human technology (99.9% pure, perhaps, but not 100%).

Because there are no traces of radioisotopes in the sample, radiometric dating is useless, perhaps implying an age older than that of the Earth. Optically stimulated luminescence dating has also yielded negative results, perhaps implying that it was created in the last few hundred years. I believe the most likely explanation is artificial origin; the technology needed to create such a sample does not currently exist, but it is not unimaginable.

The sample betrays a startlingly complicated microcrystalline structure that appears to have fractal properties. I hypothesize that this structure's light-scattering properties account for its black color. Mohs hardness and durability are within expected ranges for obsidian; SCP-363-PROV-2 and -3 may be broken and cut without unusual effect.

Unusual properties of SCP-363-PROV-1 stone: The design and appearance of SCP-363-PROV-1 strongly applies that it was assembled from approximately ███ individual blocks. However, these blocks cannot be separated and adhere without even microscopic gaps, giving the impression that the entire object was carved from a single block of stone. Mohs hardness and durability of SCP-363-PROV-1 are currently unknown, but high. Not much data was recovered from the incident described in SCP-363-PROV-E2; the experiment shows that SCP-363-PROV-1 can be damaged, but the process is difficult and dangerous, releasing a great deal of [DATA EXPUNGED] energy.

Document SCP-363-PROV-W1: Linguistic analysis of carvings from Dr. ███

The carvings on SCP-363-PROV-1 consist of a number of intricate logograms occurring in blocks of text. The logograms show similarities to Classic Nahuatl logograms, but to no other known language; this relationship has allowed rudimentary attempts at translation, though much is still unknown. When compared to SCP-363-PROV-1 carvings, Classic Nahuatl inscriptions appear more primitive. There appear to be two basic hypotheses to explain this relationship.

The first hypothesis is that the builders of SCP-363-PROV-1 incorporated Classic Nahuatl logograms into their carvings, but advanced their language (and science?) beyond that of Aztec culture.

The second hypothesis is that Classic Nahuatl logograms are primitive copies of the language used by the builders of SCP-363-PROV-1.

5 sets of carvings have been recorded:

  • Each block in SCP-363-1 has one small inscription, the same on each block, tentatively translated as a poem of praise for the deity Tezcatlipoca ("the Smoking Mirror", the central Aztec deity, closely associated with obsidian, rulership and night).
  • The "front" wall of SCP-363-1 has a long inscription, mostly untranslated. It definitely has passages praising Tezcatlipoca, as well as, to a lesser extent, Xipe Totec ("the Flayed One", deity of agriculture, maize, life, death and rebirth). One passage exhorts worshippers to enter the corridor.
  • The floor in front of the entrance contains a poem of submission to Tezcatlipoca. This block of text is positioned to be read as the entrance is approached.
  • The floor in front of the exit contains a poem of thanks to Xipe Totec. This block of text is positioned to be read as the reader exits the corridor.
  • The top of the pyramid (a flat space roughly 1m square) features a dense block of text. This text is in a markedly different and more complicated style than the rest, and it contains a great deal of characters that have no analogue in Classic Nahuatl. As such, I cannot offer even a tentative translation at this time. Plans for future research include comparing the carvings to [DATA EXPUNGED] recovered from [DATA EXPUNGED].

██ of the ██ SCP-363-PROV-3 blocks bear a text block identical to the first text block described above (and no other text). The rest of the blocks are blank.

Dr. ███ has noted similarities between the microcrystalline structure of the obsidian and the layout of certain of the carved logograms, especially those found in the "top" text block.

Incident Report SCP-363-PROV-I1: ACCESS DENIED

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