Chattery Teeth
Fraction of original pile of SCP-1261-2

Item #: SCP-1261

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1261 is to be kept in a locked safe with motion detectors. Should the motion detectors be set off, all personnel must evacuate the room in which SCP-1261 is kept in, and be at least six meters away, until the alarm stops. SCP-1261-2 is to be kept in a steel box in a locked safe next to the one housing SCP-1261. Opening either safe requires level three clearance. If SCP-1261 escapes, personnel are required to stay at least ftwo meters away until SCP-1261 is returned to its safe by security. If SCP-1261-2 is to escape, personnel are to be on the lookout for "chattering" sounds, and distance themselves from those sounds as quickly as possible, until security is able to capture and return all instances of SCP-1261-2.

Description:SCP-1261 appears to be a set of plastic teeth with a metal key sticking out the back, resembling a novelty item widely known as "Chattery Teeth". The main body is made out of high-density polyethylene, while the mechanism is an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and copper, commonly known as "zamak". The age cannot be discerned, although it appears to be relatively modern. Despite the mundane materials that the item consists of, most attempts to inflict major damage upon it have failed. It is resistant to heat upwards of 300 degrees Celsius, and resilient to 10 atms of pressure. The mechanism inside SCP-1261 appears to be nonfunctional, as turning the key does not seem to have any effect on SCP-1261.

SCP-1261's anomalous properties manifest if a living human with teeth enters an area within six meters of it. If there are multiple humans within six meters, SCP-1261 will apparently choose one at random. Once a human has been chosen, SCP-1261 will walk toward the human at a speed of 1 meter/minute. When the object is one meter away, it will leap at the human, covering the remaining distance, and bite him or her. The bite radius and depth depend on the size of the person bitten, but typically the object's teeth will not penetrate more than one centimeter into the epidermis.

For two to five minutes after SCP-1261's bite, the victim will show extreme distress, and try to remove it from the afflicted region using a variety of methods, including shaking the bitten region, attempting to pull SCP-1261, slamming the bitten region against objects, and, in rare cases, severance of the bitten limb. After the distress ends, the victim will suddenly stop, and act as if nothing abnormal has happened. If SCP-1261 is brought to their attention, they dismiss it as a minor injury. At this point, should SCP-1261 still be attached to the victim, the victim is designated SCP-1261-1.

The second effect of SCP-1261 manifests approximately one week after the bite. After one week with SCP-1261 attached, SCP-1261-1's teeth will begin to fall out. The teeth that fall out are to be designated SCP-1261-2. As SCP-1261-1's teeth fall out, he or she will collect them and hoard them, usually hiding them near valuables or cherished objects. Once all of SCP-1261-1's teeth fall out, SCP-1261 will release itself from SCP-1261-1. SCP-1261-1 will then take SCP-1261, and attempt to use it on another human, typically by hiding it near them or giving it to them. Through testing, it has been seen that SCP-1261-1 will see and hoard all fallen teeth as valuables, not simply their own.

SCP-1261-2 consists of the teeth that have been collected by the instances of SCP-1261-1 that have not been destroyed. Currently, this is nineteen teeth. Samples of SCP-1261-2 resemble normal teeth in shape, size, and chemical composition. Specimens of SCP-1261-2 vibrate erratically; they have been known to vibrate at such low frequencies that the vibration is not visible to the human eye, or to such lengths that they jump off the surface on which they are set. If a human is within approximately two meters of any specimens of SCP-1261-1, then all the specimens within that range will attempt to move towards the human. If a tooth reaches a human, it will attempt to leap on the human, apparently with the intention of penetrating skin. While a singular tooth may prove no harm, a large (consisting of more than forty) group of teeth may come together and [DATA REDACTED], causing massive injuries and possibly death. Injuries inflicted SCP-1261-2 show no anomalous properties.

Notes:SCP-1261 was found in [REDACTED], in the basement of [REDACTED]. Agents were sent to investigate after neighbors reported loud chattering sounds. In the basement of the house, Foundation personnel discovered a large (134 teeth) pile of SCP-1261-2, along with █ dead bodies that appeared to have been [REDACTED]. The SCP-1261-2 proceeded to [REDACTED], causing large lacerations in █ agents and killing █. It was finally subdued by the use of long-handled nets, which seperated the SCP-1261-2 into smaller, less dangerous portions. SCP-1261 was discovered at the bottom of the large pile of teeth. It managed to bite Agent █████, whereupon its anomalous properties were discovered.

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