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Artist's sketch of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept at [EXPUNGED] in Site-55. It is to be floating at least three meters in the air, and twenty-five meters away from any solid object. At least four class-d personnel are to be stationed at least thirty meters away from SCP-XXX at any time. They are to focus their thoughts at keeping it in the same postion. If SCP-XXX is to make sudden moments, the class-d personnel are to be withdrawn and replace immediately, and then be reassigned.

SCP-XXX is to not be removed from Area-55 in any circumstances. Written permission is needed in order to go within twenty-five meters of SCP-XXX, for any purpose.

Description: SCP-XXX is a 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 meter tesseract.

The following effects had been observed in SCP-XXX:

  • Confetti.
  • Sparks.
  • Kittens falling from the sky.
  • SCP-XXX falling from the sky.
  • Rips in the time-space continuum.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Item: SCP-048

Tissue Test Record:

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 was temporarily designated as SCP-048. This was carried through by Dr. █████ as an attempt to see if the new designation would cause SCP-682 to be eradicated. This was done without the consent or knowledge of O5-Command, as the change was made by Dr. █████ in secret, and the modification to the SCP database was not found until during the incident.

█ days after the re-designation, four members of Mobile Task Force-[REDACTED] managed to breach SCP-048’s containment chamber and lead it out of Containment Area-[REDACTED], bypassing all security measures, which didn’t exclude posted guards, a satellite, and SCP-███. Once SCP-048 was several kilometers outside Foundation boundaries, it proceeded to kill its rescuers. SCP-048 roamed next to Highway [REDACTED], ██ kilometers away from Containment Area-[REDACTED], attacking passing cars, and killing their passengers.

Mobile Task Force Iota-5 was immediately deployed upon the discovering of the breach, along with Mobile Task Force Delta-5, Special Task Force O-23, followed by Mobile Task Force Zeta-9, Mobile Task Force Pi-1, and Mobile Task Force Gamma-5. When they confronted SCP-048, they sealed off twelve kilometers of Highway [REDACTED] and used a varied arsenal, not limited to ballistics, tanks, bombers technology developed from SCP-██, [DATA REDACTED]. Cruise missiles were also deployed.

The total amount of fatalities in the battle against SCP-048 were: The four breachers, , █ security guards, ██ task force members, █ agents, SCP-███, and ██ civilian witnesses,. SCP-048 was captured, contained within its containment chamber and re-categorized as SCP-682. Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 proceeded to track down, apprehend and terminate surviving civilian witnesses. The destruction of Highway [REDACTED] went down in public records as a pile-up involving an oil tanker and a truck transporting nuclear waste. At least █ witnesses are yet to be located and terminated.

Dr. █████ was later found and was [DATA REDACTED]. This method of termination was not according to protocol, but Agent █████ was pardoned.

Notes: I just can’t believe the complete idiocy and ignorance of Dr. █████. Before designating SCP-682 as SCP-048, he should have considered that most SCPs that were designated as SCP-048 were stolen, went missing, or merely disappear, with a small minority actually being terminated or destroyed. Incidents involving SCP-048 never end well, and what happened was one of the most dangerous outcome of SCP-048 yet. If Dr. █████ was alive, I would go up to that bastard and [DATA REDACTED].

From now on, SCP-048 is to not // be used as a method of disposing of SCPs. Any attempts to do so will result in immediate interrogation followed by termination. –O5-11.//

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