Childhood Teddy
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Item #: SCP-???

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? is confied within a ceiled box within the main archives of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: Appears to be a large stuffed teddy bear, approximately 0.91 meters in height and weighing 1.8 kg.

When firmly hugged and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The subject trasgresses back into a child. Approcimate age of the children appear to be between 8 and 13 years of age. All resulting children have been female, desite original gender of subject.

The process has thus far been 100% successful on all subjects.

Subjects appear to be confused and disoriented after transformation.

Evaluation of mental results vary. Subjects show a marked reduction in the ability to track the passage of time, recall facts and figures and process information. Simple arthmetic becomes beyond some quickly causing obvious frustration in the subjects.

Between ██ and ██ days after initial transformation many subjects started to experience dilusions, severe depression, and paranoid behavior. Eventually the subjects develoved into either severe schizophrenia or lapsed into coma.

All further testing has ceased and SCP-??? has been put into storage.

Addendum: Continued research has show that SCP-??? may have been used by ██████ ████████ in a vain attempt to relive her childhood.

Document ???-A: Test Subjects Condition

D-653422: Terminated
D-653445: Suicide
D-653456: Terminated
D-653445: Euthanized after lasped into coma.
D-653531: Euthanized
D-653539: Terminated
D-653622: Undergoing Long-term Observation Reclassified as SCP-???-1
D-653647: Terminated

Document ???-B: Status of SCP-???-1

Subject SCP-???-1 is currenty in a coma. She showed considerable ability to maintain focus during intial evaluation and retained congative ability and responsiveness longer then other subjects, currently under observation in Sector-07.

Document ???-C: Security logs for SCP-???.

█/██/████: Request for one (1) SCP-500 pill for testing on SCP-???-1. Denied, waste of resources.

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