Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXX are to be kept in Bio-research site 102, with watering conducted daily and pruning conducted monthly. All SCP-XXX are to be kept in within a chain-link barbed fence, with a single gate to be kept securely locked whenever SCP-XXX is not being maintained or researched. All personnel assigned to SCP-XXX must be psychologically screened monthly for any dissatisfaction with their lives, with no significant personal matters or deep desires. Personnel found to fail these criteria will be transferred to another project immediately and be barred from access to SCP-XXX.


SCP-XXX appears to be a Ficus religiosa, more commonly known as a Sacred Fig. Instances of SCP-XXX are physically indistinguishable from regular Ficus religiosa, having the same appearance and nutritional needs. However, those who are facing significant difficulties in their personal lives, including relationships, finances or other stressors, will feel a mild compulsion to rest under SCP-XXX and reflect upon their lives, and will inevitably fall asleep while doing so. After about an hour has passed, these subjects will wake up, and will be henceforth referred to as SCP-XXX-2.

Instances of SCP-XXX-2 display numerous traits. They are seemingly incapable of aggression or hostility, and are completely pacifistic and celibate, possessing no sex drive whatsoever, along with displaying significant amounts of altruism. All instances of SCP-XXX-2 are completely sterile, as their reproductive organs are no longer able to form functional gametes. Most notably, SCP-XXX-2 will encourage those they are close to, or those who appear to have personal problems, to rest under SCP-XXX, transforming them into another instance of SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX-2 will also aim to protect the instance of SCP-XXX that transformed them from harm, but will never resort to lethal force to do so. Maintenance of SCP-XXX will also be conducted by SCP-XXX-2 if it is otherwise unavailable.

Should SCP-XXX have fewer than 10 humans inhabiting the area around it, any remaining SCP-XXX-2 will take seeds from SCP-XXX and move to more populated human dwellings, such as towns, and plant a seed of SCP-XXX that will grow at an accelerated rate, reaching maturity within 2 weeks. The effects of SCP-XXX will then manifest. Seeds planted by those not affected by SCP-XXX will only grow into regular Ficus religiosa, with no anomalous growth rate.

Should any instance of SCP-XXX be destroyed, any SCP-XXX-2 that it has formed will immediately lose all higher brain functions, effectively resulting in brain death. Those that have planted a new specimen of SCP-XXX are not affected, as they seem to be 'tied' to the new tree, rather than the one that transformed them.

SCP-XXX was first brought to the attention of the Foundation after reports of increasing numbers of ghost towns being found within India, all of which were reported to have their populations worship a Sacred Fig. Its is speculated that these populations eventually died out due to their inability to reproduce, with the last members of SCP-XXX-2 within the population moving to other settlements and creating more instances SCP-XXX. Instances of SCP-XXX found within these deserted settlements have been transplanted to Bio-research site 102, while all instances of SCP-XXX found within settlements not completely deserted have been destroyed, with all remaining unaffected people administered Class A amnesiacs.

Reports of ghost towns appearing in ████████, ████████ and ████████ have also appeared. Foundation personnel are currently working to track down all uncontained instances of SCP-XXX.

Addendum: SCP-XXX Experiment Log

Subject: D-3345689, incarcerated for history of violent crime and homicide

D-3345689 was ordered to rest under an instance of SCP-XXX. When he awoke, he was interviewed. When questioned about his past, D-3345689 expressed great remorse, before trying to coax the interviewer into resting under SCP-XXX as well. Of note was that his mannerisms had changed greatly, being significantly more cooperative after becoming a member of SCP-XXX-2.

This particular instance of SCP-XXX was then slated to be destroyed without his knowledge. D-3345689 immediately proceeded to the containment pen of SCP-XXX and attempted to persuade the staff in charge of destruction to relent. When this failed, D-3345689 attempted to use his body to shield the specimen and was immediately restrained. Upon complete destruction of SCP-XXX, D-3345689 immediately fell unconscious. An examination revealed that his brain had ceased all function.

Subject: D-3392876, incarcerated for history of animal abuse

D-3392876 was ordered to rest under an instance of SCP-XXX. When he awoke, he was brought to a cell with a cat, and was ordered to kill the cat as painfully as possible on pain of termination. D-3392876 refused. He was then told that if he did not comply a child would be tortured. D-3392876 then complied, but did not cause significant pain to the cat before it died, considering his crimes on record. D-3392876 became extremely depressed afterwards.

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