Post-Human Predator

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be under constant surveillance at all hours of the day, with feedings every day at 1800 hours. Feeding is to consist of one (1) D-Class Personnel, since Incident-XXX-401 has reduced the acceptance of previous food sources of livestock and the bucket-feeding method.

High intensity UV lights should be activated immediately on any attempt to escape or attack.

Intensity of the lights should vary each day. In the event of bulb failure, replacements should occur immediately under armed overwatch.
Feeding process should be followed strictly: barring any unforeseen accident, food should be relatively healthy, warm blood. Gender, blood type and age of donor show no increase in aggression from SCP-XXX.

Individuals subjected to the feeding process should be tested for all known blood-based pathogens. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in [ ].

Rejection of other sources of blood has been almost universal. SCP-XXX will only consume blood from a living victim.

SCP-XXX should under no circumstances be underfed. Survivors of the 'feeding' process should be killed immediately barring a repeat of INCIDENT-XXX-402.
The containment unit of SCP-XXX should be cleaned daily.

SCP-XXX is a humanoid figure standing a little under two meters tall and weighing in a little more than sixty kilograms. It has large black eyes that are bioluminescent in the darkness, three proboscis which act as olfactory organs in place of a tongue and teeth, a slit-like nose and no visible ears. The creature has hairlike, sharp quills running down its back that act as some form of sensory system. Its hand and feet digits are equipped with claws, the feet having a claw on the ankles to help facilitate climbing. The subject has gray, leathery skin and no visible sexual characteristics.

The feeding system the creature uses involves one large sharpened proboscis and two others, the smaller two being used to inject the paralytic and keep the victim awake.

The creature feeds by stabbing its prey with the proboscis in its mouth, usually aimed for a non-vital area in the torso or back. It is an ambush hunter, trying to pounce from above or attack from behind. It has regularly attempted to climb onto the roof of it's containment cell, jumping down onto cleaning personnel and it's prey targets.

The feeding process results in death about 95% of the time. The process is extended over a period of several hours, and based upon audio and visual logs of feeding scenarios is both extremely traumatizing to the victim and extraordinarily painful. The 5% who survive undergo a physiological shift, transforming through organ growth, skeletal changes and mental deterioration to become another instance of SCP-XXX. The process and cause of this transformation is still under investigation, and is noted to only occur in human victims.

All DNA testing done of SCP-XXX has resulted in a partial match of Guillermo [DATA EXPUNGED], an escapee of [EXPUNGED] Federal Prison of Miami.


The creature will occasionally display periods of reduced aggression and appears to make attempts to speak. This is not possible given the construction of its mouthparts. Attempts are usually followed by periods of greater-than-baseline hostility and reclusive behavior. - Dr. Gonzales

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