"Cinder-Ella" of City of everlasting Ash
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SCP-1201"Ella" with 1201-3

simply to show the revised version with all the nic-nacs

Item #: SCP-1201

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: This is an area of 12.8 km^2 and is to be surrounded at all times by a high 12 ft heavy concrete wall. One guard post is located at the front of the town armed with tactical pistols, incase of incident where a solid projection might be aggressive. Guards are to walk the permitter of the town every 5 hours to check for damage to the inside and outside surfaces of the wall. One teams of 3 may enter the town once every 5 hours but mustn't stay for more then 3 after entry. Personnel can interact with projection but not in a disrespectful of conflicting way doing so will cause immediate reassignment.


SCP-1201-A small female,burned almost ineligible papers in town suggest that she is 5-6 years old. Records also show that her name is Ella she has Short brown hair that is stained with soot along with her cloths. She wears a blue night gown similar to 1201-3. It seems that SCP-1201 has projected her town ablaze and same events of that night and morning replaying over and over.The flames are only projections but still very dangerous as well as the smoke.We have erased a records showing this town and girl ever existed.She has also manifested 3 solid projection that may have relevance to her last memory ,1201-3,1201-4,and 1201-5.

SCP-1201-2:\The town of ██████ is 12.8 km^2.It is the biggest projection SCP-1201 has made.The Town burns from night till morning the rest of the day is quiet till it is night again.There are also grey bodied projections that are the citizens they have no cosmetic feature but we are able to tell which are female and male.Foundation members are able to interact with them when talked to they act hysterical waving there arms all around pointing and yelling screaming and crying.From the records we found in town-hall The town of ██████ was settled in 18██ by J████ ████ who was the leading settler.The cause of the fire is unknown at this point.

SCP-1201-3: A white dog that wonders the burning embrues streets with a collar smudged with soot. This soot doesn't rub off so the exact name of the dog is unknown.It is likely and vague image she saw in the last few moments of the town standing.1201-3 can be physically touched and acts like a regular dog keeping its personality from when it was more then just a projection. It is safe and doesn't harm any personnel.

SCP-1201-4:"the firemen"A fireman standing 1.85 meters tall wearing gas mask similar to ones made in the early 1900s.He speaks with a muffled voice as you can't hear him due to the mask. Speculation of Dr.████ suggests that 1201 met him and only remembers his muffled voice hence why we can't hear him.He wields a fireman's axe and helps evacuate projections from burning buildings and out of town.When projections leave town limits the fade back into it.He seems to be forever rescuing projections in town,when we talk to him he muffles and when we ask him to remove the mask so we can hear him he shakes his head no and runs and continues to help projection.Projections seem to know what hes saying which we can't figure out why.

SCP-1201-5:The last major projection and probably one of the most controversial to the staff "Ella's" Mother. She is 1.52 meters tall has long, brown, curly hair stained with soot, making it partially black.Records in town hall are how we confirmed this is the mother of 1201.She wears a pink nightgown and slippers wandering the town bumping into other projections looking for 1201.She rarely finds SCP-1201, at which point [DATA EXPUNGED] until the next cycle of the overall loop.

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