Circle Breaker
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SCP-1472 Storage

Item #: SCP-1472

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1472 are to be stored in a dedicated walk-in cooler located at Site ██ with a secure lock. The cooler is to be under video surveillance at all times. Experiments involving SCP-1472 are only to be conducted with written permission from a Level 4 staff member.

Description: SCP-1472 consists of ███ cases of various alcoholic beverages, ranging from Bud Light to Château Cheval Blanc. Additional instances of SCP-1472 are recovered at an average rate of about █ per month. Each instance of SCP-1472 is virtually indistinguishable from the original brand in regards to taste.

SCP-1472’s effects become apparent when a subject ingests enough to gain a blood alcohol concentration level of at least 0.1%. At that point, subject begins to experience full-sensory hallucinations corresponding to memories that trigger the greatest feelings of guilt the subject may have experienced throughout its entire life. The objects of the guilt, referred to as SCP-1472-1, will appear to the subject and behave in a manner with a direct correlation to the guilt the subject feels towards that instance, with an increased amount of guilt matched by increased violence from SCP-1472-1. Instances of SCP-1472-1 often appear distorted and have access to information the subject may not be aware of. SCP-1472-1 is able to physically interact with the subject. The hallucinatory effects of SCP-1472 end once the subject’s BAC returns below 0.1%.

Addendum: When multiple subjects ingest SCP-1472, regardless of the amount, aforementioned subjects are able to perceive all instances of SCP-1472-1 but are unable to physically interact with SCP-1472-1 not This suggests that SCP-1472 does not have a hallucinatory effect but rather transfers affected individuals into a spacial anomaly.

When testing, one researcher should ingest a minute amount of SCP-1472 regularly to allow them to view instances of SCP-1472-1.

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