Because fear of being caught without my shoes on is the only real concrete fear I've ever had (that hasn't involved monsters in the closet, I mean).

These are horrible containment procedures, need to figure out something better beyond just, "Yeah, it's endemic in most of the world, so we just cross our fingers and hope that people will take it upon themselves to pay the $6 to treat it when their feet start looking really gross." …would post-hypnotic suggestions to treat athlete's foot infections on a daily basis work? (Does the Foundation even do post-hypnotic suggestions? Amnestics would suggest that they do… Hmm.)

Changing it to Safe since it can be easily treated and contained up through Stage III, and it takes a fair amount of neglect to get to Stage IV. Not going to add MTF E-2 Odor Eaters, because it would just be ridiculous to have a MTF dedicated to hunting down and "combating" athlete's foot.

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Subject exhibiting Stage III of SCP-XXXX. At time of photograph, subject was under light sedation.

Athlete's Feet

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Lab samples of SCP-XXXX are to be kept in standard cold storage at Sector-07. Since it is understood that at least 7% of all Foundation personnel are infected with Stage I of SCP-XXXX, a Foundation-wide anti-fungal regime consisting of, but not limited to, thrice-weekly administrations of topical forms of clotrimazole (alternating with tolnaftate on a monthly basis), is to be followed in an effort to contain the spread SCP-XXXX and limit the possibility of progression to Stage II or later.

Due to endemic nature of tinea pedis in most parts of the world, and a lack of definite means to easily distinguish SCP-XXXX from the non-anomalous Trichophyton rubrum, containment of SCP-XXXX at this time is limited to a global campaign emphasizing the importance of proper pedal hygiene, supplemented by occasional generous donations from Foundation front companies to various medical research organizations with the stipulation that the donated funds be used in the pursuit and development of cheaper, more-effective methods of anti-fungal treatment than those currently available.

Uncontained instances of SCP-XXXX (all instances of infection found outside of Foundation personnel) found to be in Stages I or II are to be considered inconsequential and of low priority. Infections that have reached Stage III are to be monitored when feasible, though with equally low concern. All instances of infection that have progressed to Stage IV are to be dealt with immediately in accordance with Treatment Regime XXXX-IV, as outlined in Document XXXX-IV, to ensure public ignorance of anomalous nature of SCP-XXXX and prevent possibility of progression to Stage V. Any individuals found to have progressed to Stage V of SCP-XXXX are to be terminated with impunity.

When possible, standard detox procedures, as detailed in Document XXXX-A, are to be carried out within any place of residence where SCP-XXXX has been present.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a fungal infection of the skin caused by the parasitic fungus Trichophyton mordum, and, as such, can be classed as a form of tinea pedis (and, in more advanced Stages, tinea unguium), more commonly known as athlete's foot. Unlike tinea pedis caused by the non-anomalous Trichophyton rubrum (which studies have shown to clear up naturally without medication in 30–40% of cases), SCP-XXXX will only respond to medicated treatment, and must be treated for the remainder of the subject's life to ensure SCP-XXXX does not progress beyond the easily-managed Stage I level of infection.

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