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Item #: SCP-1198

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1198-1 and SCP-1198-2 are to be held at site ██████ ██ in a 3m x 3m x 3m reinforced concrete cell under 24 hour video surveillance. No personnel are to interact with SCP-1198-1 without direct approval from 05 command and the accompaniment of the level 4 overseer on-site.

SCP-1198 Is a pair of subjects consisting of one (1) Clockwork automaton and one (1) humanoid resembling a disfigured newborn baby.

SCP-1198-1 is a humanoid type automaton measuring 1.9 meters tall consisting entirely of clockwork mechanisms. As we have found no way to harm or even directly touch any piece of SCP-1198-1, no information regarding material, density or construction techniques have been forthcoming.

It seems the subject is encased in some sort of gravitational field only nanometers from the surface of all its components. This has further rendered all non-physical tests and procedures inconclusive.

The subject has been observed as having the capacity for movement at high speed (in excess of ██kph, strength greatly exceeding that of a human (as referenced in document ██████████-Foxtrot), and is exceedingly skilled in hand-to-hand combat (as referenced in document ██████████-Kilo containing log of incident 1198: ████ which resulted in the loss [DATA EXPUNGED].

The subject is noted to have a strong sense of self-preservation. If approached, it will attempt to flee at high speed. If unable to escape, it will immediately combat any hostile parties or threats in its immediate area. For detailed description of combat limitations of the subject please refer to documents ██████████ Echo through Zulu.

The only communication we have established with the subject was through Dr. R██████ during an interview session. It seems that while the subject is not capable of speech, it can transmit electrical signals directly into the speech centers of the brain. Refer to Interview log 1198- Victor.

Contained within the chest of SCP-1198-1 is what appears to be a tank measuring 20cm X 35cm X 50cm filled with an unknown red translucent liquid which contains SCP-1198-2.

Upon retrieval, the subject was wearing period attire of an English jester from the mid to late 1500s. The significance or purpose of these clothes beyond concealing the containment device for SCP-1198-2 is currently unknown.

It is postulated that SCP1198-1 is both a prison and guardian for SCP 1198-2

SCP-1198-2 appears to be a newborn human infant suffering from Harlequin-type ichthyosis. This is all that can be inferred through observation as the physical nature of SCP-1198-1 prevents any further analysis.

Addendum 1192-A
Interview Log 1198-Victor
Interviewed: 1192-1
Interviewer: Dr. R██████ █. ██████

<Begin Log ██/██/20██ 0835>


Dr. ██████ "Who are you and what is your function?"

1198-1 *silence*

Log edit by Dr. ██████
While 1189 never actually spoke to me, it seems it has the ability to transmit electrical signals directly into the speech centers of the brain. It was like I was hearing my own internal monologue, just I had no power to alter or stop what was being said. It should also be noted that in the process of using my brain to communicate, it was also able to gather information from it. During the following interview it seemed to posses Level █ classified knowledge of our procedures and projects I was working on. I will be recommending the discontinuation of contact with the subject by Level █ clearance and above personnel.

The rest of the log will be my questions and then the answer given to me telepathically by the subject.

1198-1 "I am he that watches the dreamer."

Dr. ██████ "Who is the dreamer?"

1198-1 "The child. The child of night. The child of darkness. The child of disease, plague, and famine."

Dr. ██████ "Are you referring to the child contained inside you?"

1198-1 "He sleeps within the sacred silence. He that disturbs the silence is damned."

Dr. ██████ "Damned?"

1198-1 "A fate worse than a thousand deaths. I am forbidden to speak it."

Dr. ██████ "Forbidden by who?"

1198-1 "It is impossible to articulate given your language."

Dr. ██████ "What would happen if the child woke?"

1198-1 "Your words are limited. (The subject pauses for a few moments here) Pain. Anguish. Chaos. Death. Void. The [DATA EXPUNGED]"

Dr. ██████ "How can we assure that this child is never awakened?"

1198-1 "Leave me forgotten, away from any of your nuclear weapons. They may have the capacity to damage the containment device, but nothing can destroy the child once it escapes my body. Leave me. Leave me and forget."


<End Log, ██/██/████ 1456>

Addendum 1192-B
Request Log:
██/██/████ Agent A███ █. ██████
Reccomend quarantine of subject in temporary holding cell until the subject can be brought under some form of control. I've lost too [DATA EXPUNGED]

██/██/████ Dr. R██████ █. ██████
Recommend elevation to Keter class. (denied)

██/██/████ Dr. R██████ █. ██████
Recommend relocation of subject to holding site ██████ ██ [DATA EXPUNGED]




Addendum 1192-C
Mandate from 05 Command
05-█ ██/██/████
RE: 1192-2
Due to recent [DATA EXPUNGED] all information regarding [DATA EXPUNGED] all further decisions and requests are to be sent directly to 05 command where at least a 3/4 majority vote will be needed to overturn current [DATA EXPUNGED]

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