Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be kept with SCP-XXX-1 at all times. SCP-XXX-1 is to be kept in a cell furnished with a simple bunk and plumbing. He is to be fed three(3) times a day with a meal from the staff cafeteria. He is to be guarded at all times, Conversation with SCP XXX-1 is discouraged, but not forbidden. Is allowed a pocket-watch.


SCP-XXX has an appearance similar to a wristwatch, with a single button in place of where the face should be. It has the words ██████████ ████ inscribed upon the side. SCP-XXX-1 claims that pushing the button will send him to geographic coordinates [REDACTED] at 7:53 GMT ██/██/200█.

SCP-XXX-1 appears to be a Caucasian male, with brown hair, brown eyes, and is 167 cm tall. SCP-XXX-2 claims to be approximately 24 years old, but is not sure.

SCP-XXX-1 has shown extensive knowledge of the SCP Foundation and its procedures, and cited protocol indicating necessary containment procedures for SCP-XXX and himself.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Audio Log from interview XXX-1a

Interviewed: SCP-XXX-1:
Interviewer: Dr. ████████

Foreword: Conducted shortly after SCP-XXX and 1 were contained. Following procedure set as SCP-XXX-1 sited protocol ████ upon contact.

<Begin Log>
SCP-XXX-1: Hello Dr. ████████.

Dr.████████: We should probably discuss that first. How is it that you know my name?

SCP-XXX-1: Well, you've told it to me.

Dr.████████: So you are saying that you can read my mind?

SCP-XXX-1: Not at all Dr. I've been here before. Pretty sure about QQQ times now, actually.

Dr.████████: How does that work exactly?

SCP-XXX-1: It has to do with this thing on my wrist. Beyond that, I can't really tell you.

Dr.████████: How did you get SCP-XXX?

SCP-XXX-1: Don't recall. It's been a very long time.

Dr.████████: What does it do then?

SCP-XXX-1: You just push this button here, and it sends me to [REDACTED].

Dr.████████ and SCP-XXX-1 simultaneously: This needs to be tested. How about I push the button?

SCP-XXX-1: It would be better if you didn't. Especially considering [pauses to look at watch] You are needed upstairs to deal with SCP-███. Or will be, in 15 seconds.

Dr.████████: That seems very unlikely.

SCP-XXX-1: It does, and yet you will run out of here shortly. Here comes ████ right now to get you.

████:Dr! you are needed upstairs right away its SCP-███!

Dr. ████████ and ████ leave

SCP-XXX-1: That part is always so exciting. I would like to schedule my own interview times from now on, if that would be alright.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this event, SCP-XXX-1 was tested for telepathy with no indication of ability. All further attempts to press the button have resulted in SCP-XXX-1 informing us of an event to occur shortly Ultimately granted request to select his interview times to allow more time to prepare.

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