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^^Picture of SCP-XXX ^^

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: 

When not being tested, SCP-XXX is to remain digitally locked in a plastic case at Storage Site-23. Because of the nature of SCP-XXX, it is recommended that any high-class personal involved in the of testing SCP-XXX either view tests through muted video footage or, if closer examination is needed, ear blockers.

Any high-class personal affected by SCP-XXX are to be isolated and put into a sound proof cell for twelve (12) hours. If effects persist, subject id to be put into quarantine immediately.

Since experiment ██, no electronic devices are to be on the persons of any high-class personal unless hidden.


 SCP-XXX is an old metropolitan police whistle, manufactured by J Hudson & Co. On the back is stamped the number ██, which Dr G has theorised means that this was from a selection of prototypes from the company. It is currently unknown where the whistles with stamps █-██ are currently located, but if their effects are related to SCP-XXX, lacation of them should be quick if used.

SCP-XXX will only display it's effects when all of the following are true:

  • The person blowing on the whistle is either a male guard or a law enforcer.
  • A crime is taking place.
  • The person committing the crime is escaping.
  • There are at least three (3) able-bodied people who can hear the whistle.

When these requirements are in place and SCP-XXX is blown, it will produce a sound, frequency at around 1████ Hz. With the exception of the whistle blower and the escapee, anyone who hears the whistle at at least a 20 decibels will start chasing after the escapee.

If the escapee manages to lock them self inside a building, the pursuers will start using various objects as improvised battering rams; So far this has included trees, telephone polls, rocket launchers and [DATA EXPUNGED]

The pursuers will chase after the escapee until either the escapee is caught or killed, depending on the severity of the crime. When captured, the whistle blower will handcuff or use improvised shackles to attach the prisoner to their person, after which those affected by SCP-XXX will congratulate themselves before returning to their routine. If the whistle blower is far away, the pursuers will assault the criminal until they fall unconscious, and wait for the whistle blower to apprehend them.

If the crime is severe enough to provoke execution, the pursuers will act depending on how close the whistle blower is. If they are close, the pursuers will attempt to persuade him to shoot the criminal. If the whistle blower refuses, has no gun or is too far away from the group, the group will improvise a hanging, using belts, ropes or shoelaces. If none of these are available, they will assault the criminal to death. After this, the group will not congratulate themselves, but return to their routines the same way.


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