Item #: SCP-2029


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2029 must be contained in a secure, swamp-like environment to prevent any further behavioral changed. SCP-2029 was recovered in Columbia, South Carolina after many sightings of a "Lizard-Man" in Scape Ore Swamp. SCP-2029 must not be introduced to any signs of homeosapians or anything with humanoid characteristics. SCP-2029 must be tested weekly for any signs of sheding or actual skin peeling. Personnel Level Three (3)+ must assign work jobs to Class-C's, D's or E's as an inspecting job. SCP-2029's containment cell must not exceed the parameters of 50x50 in feet unless relocated or given permission by O5 command.

Description: SCP-2029 is a reptilian humanoid that exceeds the furtherness of a homeosapian. The cryptid has scales (or plates, noted by Dr. Jennings.), unknown of other reptilian creatures that the SCP Foundation has came across before. The scales/plates match of whats similar to as SCP-682's scales. SCP-2029's teeth can extend to as long as 3 inches whilst in its hostility mode. During its docile mode, cryptozoologists reported its teeth extruding back in to about half an inch.

Biography Report from Dr. Pittman: SCP-2029 was reported to be a female after a trapping test with elephant sleeping darts. During the test, it was suspected that SCP-2029 had a "mating" partner before the capture of SCP-2029 herself. Cryptozoologists soon examined the reptilian body via ultrasound and radiation. The results turned out that the young reptilian was now considered SCP-2029-1.

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