The idea is a column made of blue cristal that inside have something like a lot of wires all tight in the middle of the column. It does nothing by its own until a human being touches it.
Apparently randomly it could do two different things:
It could do the person who touches it be fatter and fatter until he explodes or make him thinner and thinner and stretching him until he disappears. If the second thing happens then the next person who touches the column doesn't activate anything. After a month the person appears again without remembering anything not being able to speak or understand speaking but he has acquired an ability to do something out of normal but weird that will point in some way what he saw in that month of time. If other persons touch the column again then they could disappear or explode, if he disappears after one month it will appear again and the original one would die in strange circumstances that same day, killed by something. That's it. Then including a render that a friend of mine is doing of the exact aspect of the column and a few experiments of people that has touched the column (like 3)

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