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One of the few photographs taken of SCP-XXXX, Shortly after taking, the photographer began to devour himself and was [REDACTED].

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in solitary confinement at all times, away from any type of mammal. Because humans are at high risk of its influence, it is necessary to maintain at least 30 feet of distance at all times. Though originally held in Colorado, USA, SCP-XXXX is currently held in Containment Chamber 47 in [EXPUNGED] behind 4 metre high walls and a sealed ceiling. There should not be any ventilation of any kind, nor room for contact. While it is impossible to interact and monitor it in person, it is prone to study and scrutiny via closed-circuit camera systems and high quality microphones. It is not to be physically accessed by anyone under any circumstance. The subject is to be monitored at all times, because and boundary it senses will be eliminated otherwise.

Capture: Originally found in ██████, ██, USA, SCP-XXXX was believed to be a corpse that had suffered years of decay. It was discovered by [REDACTED], a local hunter, who in 2004 was hunting deer with his 16-year-old daughter. After closer inspection, loud cries were heard, he returned to his now frightened daughter, and attempted to dismember and masticate her flesh, eating her left index finger. When she escaped her father, who she described as ‘entranced’, he began to devour himself, eating a total of six fingers (five of which belonged to himself), 1.36 kilogrammes of flesh from his own arms and legs, and both lips. He experienced both severe blood loss and a ruptured stomach, and it is unclear to doctors which was the cause of his death.
With the help of the daughter, SCP-XXXX was located, and captured. However, as a result, 12 men attempted to eat themselves or others, resulting in 7 deaths.

Description: SCP-XXXX has the appearance of a semi-skeletal man, despite a height of 2.44 metres. It has hair of approximately .6 metres. Though it generally keeps its eyelids shut, it was revealed in 2007 that it can open them when in the presence of mammalia, and that it has no eyes. Its sockets are instead empty, but show faint lights towards the back that have not yet been explained. The skin on its body is heavily decayed, and it is taut around the skin, and it shows symptoms of marasmus. Despite this and the fact that it has not been fed since it arrived at the facility in 2006, it remains alive and active at a weight of 45.4 kg.
When it comes into the close proximity of any mammal, that creature then experiences the strong urge to ingest the flesh of its same species. It will never attempt to kill or even come into contact with the animal, but instead allow it to eat itself. The first test performed on it involved two canines, which both began to eat each other. The stronger of the two killed the first, and gorged itself upon the carcass until its stomach ruptured and it died.

Behaviour: SCP-XXXX is generally immobile and docile, though it is still unclear as to if it is sentient or not. It will sit in a corner in a foetal position. Here it can be heard breathing shallowly and mumbling in a long monotonous yet panicked, gasping drone. Though recordings show no such results1, live interpretations find that it says various things, depending on the native language of the interpreter. This includes:

  • 12 April 2007: Robbin ████████, PhD, hears ‘It was me,’ ‘tasty,’ and ‘my eyes burn.’
  • 31 May 2007: Bianca ██████, Biological analyst hears ‘But I loved…’ three times. Note that her native language is Italian
  • 11 September 2008: Bastien ██████, a janitor hears a scream that he explains as sobs, ‘No choice’, ‘I only tasted,’ and ‘Oh God, my eyes are on fire!’ The latter was heard again by Vincent █████ on 23 June 2011. Native language: French
  • 2 November 2009: Jinju ████, PhD, simply hears ‘Kill me.’ She heard this again on 5 November. Native language: Korean
  • 14 March 2010: Alexandria █████████, visiting analyst, hears the name [REDACTED] four times and ‘Should have run.’ Native language: German

Since these experiences, no other things have been heard. For exact words heard, please look below.

Actual Words Heard from SCP-XXXX

  • It was me…. Tasty… My eyes burn…
  • Ma io amavo… Ma io amavo… Ma io amavo…
  • Aucune choix… Je n’ai que goûté… Mais mon Dieu, mes yeux sont en feu !
  • 날 죽여.
  • [REDACTED]… Sollte gelaufen haben …[REDACTED].

The Comegente Crisis: At 03:47 am on 6 April 2006, during its transfer to [EXPUNGED], SCP-XXXX was bolted within a metre thick steel crate, only opened by a level 7 keycard, which was at all times guarder by four trained officers. This was transferred in a military-class armoured vehicle.. During a stop in [REDACTED], two of the men watched over the crate while the driver and two other guards used a public restroom. Upon their return, both of the remaining guards stood outside the truck it was discovered that the crate had come unlatched. Upon further investigation, it became apparent to the guards and driver that if not under constant supervision, the crate would not remain closed. After five minutes of this analysis, one guard attempted to ingest some flesh from the right forearm of his co-worker. Within seven minutes, three guards and the driver were dead, while the last guard, masticated his own flesh. On arrival from [REDACTED] authorities and specialists, the guard was promptly [EXPUNGED]. After new guards were put in place and another driver used, SCP-XXXX was moved to [EXPUNGED] as planned, with the addition of three escorts.

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