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Item #: SCP-057

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation facility designated Site-███ has been established around the perimeter of SCP-057-2 to secure against contamination of wildlife and local civilian populations. SCP-057-2 itself is contained by a 15 by 15 meter concrete enclosure with any drainage being diverted to removable 4 kl tanks. Site personnel requirements include a minimum of four research staff specializing in hydrology, geology and pharmacology. The site must maintain a security force of no less than 8, to be provided from the 154th Ops "Narsus" team, as their sexually abridged status provides a greater resistance to SCP-057s effect. Following the events of Incident 057-4662, possession of a water-tight container inside the facility is considered grounds for demotion to D-class status.

Testing of the water and air samples in a 10km radius is to be done every three days. In the event that SCP-057 contamination is found to be in excess of .001 PPM, senior research staff to be notified immediately and containment procedure FC-D9-Theta is authorized. As during the 1978 containment of a previous instance of SCP-057, local and national press are to be advised that fatalities are due to religious mania and mass suicide (Ref: Document HR057-23)

Although regional weather patterns currently prevent it, airborne contamination of SCP-057 is a significant concern and prevention efforts are ongoing. The most recent attempt [DATA EXPUNGED], and was reported to the local government as a terrorist action.

Description: The current instance of SCP-057 (designation SCP-057-2) is a naturally occurring spring located at coordinates ████████████, 3km NE of the town of █████████████, pop. 12,682. Consumption of water from the spring has been found to create consistent mind-altering effects, resulting in violent, obsessive-compulsive behavior, particularly in the areas of sex drive, inhibition, decision making, social behavior, and personality. Additional testing has shown that human contamination is not limited to ingestion, and skin contact is a viable infection vector. The water bears a unique chemical marker, similar to the compound theobromine and matching that from samples taken from SCP-057-1 (Ref: HR057-04), but mass spectrograph and chemical analysis show no differences from standard spring water otherwise. When isolated, however, this compound does not produce similar reactions to the water itself, leaving the trigger mechanism unknown.

The site came to the attention of SCP agents monitoring for spikes in violent murder-suicides involving sexual assault. Water containing the unique marker was traced to runoff from a local spring, found to be contaminating the municipal water supply through damage to a nearby pipeline. Agents were immediately dispatched to repair the leak, and to place SCP-057-2 under Foundation control. Population tests were made under the guise of subsidized vaccinations, at which time ██ subjects (██ male, █ female) were found to be in early stages of infection. Standard extraction and blackout methods were used, and all subjects were destroyed with no evidence of pregnancy.

Excerpt from Historical Record HR057-04: The first instance of SCP-057 (designation SCP-057-1) was discovered on ██-██-1978, in northern Uganda. SCP operatives en route to a separate objective entered a local population center to find 93% of the residents already expired, with mutilation of the ████████ and █████ ███ ██████ being the most common cause of death. The surviving population was quickly determined to be in a state of [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in minimal Foundation casualties, with the violence of the attack mitigated somewhat by the malnourishment of the survivors. Within 24 hours into the cleanup operation, however, the insertion team began to display anomalous behavior. Final contact with the insertion team occurred at 52:41 mission time, and consisted of little more than ███████, with intermittent sounds later identified as █████ tearing, likely by teeth. Immediate deployment of the ███████ ████████ incident management group found [DATA EXPUNGED] and the 2 surviving female members of the prior team apparently in the late stages of pregnancy, even though less than 56 hours had passed since loss of contact. Male assets were neutralized on site. Female assets were taken for observation and allowed to carry to term, at which time [DATA EXPUNGED]. No further tests were permitted. Results of fetal autopsies are available to research staff with Level 4 clearance and only by special request to Dr. ██████████. Due to risk of Foundation exposure, FC-D9-Theta was implemented shortly after site samples were taken.

Stages of infection:

Observation of infected subjects prior to termination revealed several basic stages of infection. Behavioral modification takes place along two main vectors: homicidal or sexual.

In the sexual vector, the stages appear to approximate the following pattern:

Stage 1: Attraction
Within 8-12 hours after initial contact with SCP-057, subjects display mild euphoria and a heightened desire for social contact, showing preference to groups larger than 5. During this stage, the infected individual will begin to display heightened attraction to 1-2 specific members of the group. The choice of target seems to be dependent on the targets sexual preference rather than that of the infected subject. The infected person will make any and all attempts to engage their target in conversation and gain their trust if possible.

Stage 2: Affection
As Stage 2 progresses, the subject begins overt flirtation and sexual advances, again regardless of their previous sexual preference. All social and cultural mores are also ignored, including personal commitment or familial relationship. The infected will endeavor to be in the presence of their target as much as is possible, and is aided in this by a potent pheromone that begins production at this stage. Although the duration of this stage is highly variable, transmission of SCP-057 via fluid contact becomes possible at this point and appears to be a secondary priority.

Stage 3: Devotion
During this period, the infected will do everything in their power to maintain close proximity to their target, ignore previous engagements, jobs, and even other people, in a concentrated effort towards sexual contact. At this stage, the subject will react violently to any other beings for which their target shows signs of affection, often removing these "obstacles" through lethal force (though they will avoid doing so in a manner that would compromise their overall intent). Pheromone production also begins to increase exponentially. This stage lasts for approximately 24-36 hours.

Stage 4: Obsession
Upon reaching this stage, the infected loses all normal and expected inhibitions. All efforts are focused on engage in copulation with their target, with or without consent. Fluid transmission at this point results in 100% rate of infection. Controlled testing indicates that, while gender and sexual viability does not seem to be a factor in previous stages, it does become relevant post-congress. For viable contact, embryo implantation and growth begins within 25 minutes, at which point the both the male and female begin to [DATA EXPUNGED] placing a significant toll on their physiology. While violently protective of the fetus, death from malnutrition and systemic organ failure is the uniform result following completion of the pregnancy, typically within 36-48 hours. Nor non-viable contact (such as homosexual contact, or in the case of ongoing birth-control or sterilization), homicidal behavior of both parties towards the other takes precedent, with fatality being the most likely result.

To date, there is no known cure for those suffering the effects of SCP-057. Any unauthorized personnel who come into contact with SCP-057 are to be quarantined for further research on an antidote, pending termination.

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