Covered in Bees
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D-46824 while under the control of SCP-XXX-2.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX requires the same care as a normal beehive; however, SCP-XXX-1 is not to be opened under any circumstances, and no honey, larvae, or instances of SCP-XXX-2 are to be removed from it.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 is a Langstroth-style beehive similar to those used in apiaries. However, it is considerably larger than those typically seen, standing over two meters tall. SCP-XXX-1 itself possesses no anomalous properties; however, it contains a colony of SCP-XXX-2. Individual instances of SCP-XXX-2 resemble European honey bees, although their behavior is considerably different. When a human (hereby referred to as the host) approaches SCP-XXX-1, a swarm of SCP-XXX-2 will emerge. The swarm will then attempt to land on the host, completely covering them. Once the host is covered, SCP-XXX-2 will begin to sting them; however, unlike normal honey bees, they will not remove their stingers. The stingers of SCP-XXX-2 apparently tap into the host's nerves, giving the swarm completely control over their motor functions. Although the host is fully aware of what's going on, they cannot consciously control any part of their body. SCP-XXX-2 will often direct the host to perform certain tasks that benefit the hive, such as repairing SCP-XXX-1 or locating a suitable food source. Once the host has completed this task, SCP-XXX-2 will separate from them. Although this separation is not harmful in and of itself, the psychological and physical trauma involved can have serious effects on the host's health.

Addendum #XXX-1: During Incident ████-██, SCP-XXX-2 demonstrated intelligence equal to that of a human, including the ability to speak. Further tests are scheduled to determine the extent of its abilities.

Addendum #XXX-2: On ██/██/██, Dr. ███████ conducted the following interview with D-46824 while the latter was a host to SCP-XXX-2.

Dr. ███████: Hello. My name is Dr. ███████. To whom am I speaking?
D-46824: We are SCP-XXX-2.
Dr. ███████: What do you call yourselves?
D-46824: We do not need to call ourselves.
Dr. ███████: Why do you take hosts?
D-46824: We need hands. You are our hands.
Dr. ███████: So you need us to do work for you?
D-46824: Our hands maintain our hive and bring us food.
Dr. ███████: Do you have any intention of escaping this facility or harming its personnel?
D-46824: We survive.
Dr. ███████: I repeat: Do you have any intention of escaping this facility or harming its personnel?
D-46824: We survive.
Dr. ███████: Would you attempt to escape this facility or harm its personnel in order to survive?
D-46824: We would not harm any of our hands.
Dr. ███████: Why not?
D-46824: We require them.
Dr. ███████: You often cause psychological harm to "hands" you take as hosts.
D-46824: Minds are not needed. Bodies are needed.
Dr. ███████: Why do you-
D-46824: This hand is experiencing damage. We must leave.
*SCP-XXX-2 detaches from D-46284 and returns to SCP-XXX-1*

After the above log was created, D-46284 was found to have suffered a heart attack during the interview, presumably due to SCP-XXX-2's presence. However, he recovered and was terminated on schedule.

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