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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx has been contained in small glass containers shaped like 20 sided dice (5 in total). These glass containers are resting on small metal stands within a locked bullet proof and air tight box with a magnetic base. The box sits on a metallic round table that has been welded to the floor in the center of a round room so that it cannot be removed from that room. The only way to move the box from said table is to apply enough counter magnetic force underneath the base of the box through the table so that the box lifts off from the table and hovers slightly. A small green switch sits on the edge of the table with a sticky posit next to it that reads "Counter lock". Currently under development and broken, but will eventually link to the box under the table filled with a high powered electromagnet that will be enough force to lift the box off the table.

Description: SCP-xxx is a micro parasite. This micro parasite cannot be seen by the human eye unless in a large group. This parasite can be found in gas clouds that it emits, each with its own unique color. The gas itself causes itching when in contact with skin and smells remarkably like fresh soil. The parasite within the gas latches to a host and burrows into the skin then using veins to swim up to the cerebrum and latching on so to then have control of said host.

Currently 5 different SCP-xxx's have been found and they all seem to cause different types of personalities when joined with a host.

Causes host to feel alone and misunderstood, doesn't react well with other people and ideals. This parasite usually emits a almost transparent green gas, and when attached with a human causes them to act like a completely different person. Their thinking skills are increased and they seem to solve problems faster than any other person but it comes with the side effect of over thinking everything and sometimes ending up in a fit of paranoia and solitude.
If multiple people infected wit SCP-xxx-1 interact they tend to be quiet and rather than speak they just nod agreeingly or shoot dirty looks at each other. reason for this is yet to be found.





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