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Item #: SCP-XXXX-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-J should be kept in a locked storage closet. Keys kept in the desk of Dr. Gron

See ending note.

Description: SCP-XXXX-J is a substance remarkably similar to latex paint with the exception that it itself as well as anything it coats is invisible.

Chemical analysis reveal compounds normally encountered for paints on the market with the exception of one that remains under study at this time.

The container for SCP-XXXX-J is a 1 gallon can similar to those manufactured by █████████ for the home. The name of this "color" is "Eye sore out of sight."


Note: Due to incident XXXX-1, Dr. Gron is no longer researching SCP-XXXX and is instead under medical observation. Let this be a reminder to anyone working with paints that adequate ventilation is to be required at all times. Please see interview below for more details.

Interviewed: Dr. Gron
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Foreword: Dr. Gron was found wondering around Site 19 in apparent agitation. His jumpy nature, mumbling and act of clutching something not visible to those around him caused him to be referred to psychiatric evaluation. Evaluation showed the doctor to be under heavy influence from an unknown source.
<Begin Log>
Interviewer: Dr. Gron, how are you today?
Dr. Gron: Visible. Seen.
Interviewer: Good, good. It says here that you were walking around Site 19. Your office is at the same site, correct?
Dr. Gron: Yes.
Interviewer: Okay. So why do you think you were brought in today.
Dr. Gron: Those mindless idiots want everything to remain seen. They're afraid of the invisible.
Interviewer: Yes, it says in your notes that you were working with some kind of invisible paint. Where is that paint now?
Dr. Gron: In the hallway where it fell.
Interviewer: I was under the impression you had nothing in your possession at the time of apprehension?
Dr. Gron: I had it! Right in my hand! But no one could see it. A beautiful invisibility contained in that unsightly, visible can?
Interviewer: So you painted the can containing the paint to make it invisible?
Dr. Gron: Of course I did!
Interviewer: What was your goal with the paint when you were found?
Dr. Gron: Ugly statue. No one should have to see its horrendous features.
Interviewer: Statue? Which statue?
Dr. Gron: The seen. The seen. It can't do anything when it's seen.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: At this point, Dr. Gron went into a rant about what he referred to as the "visible" and "invisible". He is being held under the psychiatric care of Dr. █████ at this time to observe the effects of the unknown chemical in SCP-XXXX-J

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