CRT Parasite
SCP-AAA, photographed during experiment

Item #: SCP-AAA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [Revised on ██-██-20██] SCP-AAA is to be contained in a reformatted cleanroom at Sector-28. Enclosure area must support antistatic flooring and one (1) grounded outlet, separate from the main power supply. SCP-AAA-02 must be plugged in to outlet at all times and remained turned off when not in use. All personnel must undergo static dissipative procedures before and after entering containment area. Electronic devices used for conducting experiments must be contained in antistatic PVC and immediately destroyed. All personnel electronic devices must be removed before entering 50 meters of enclosure. Electronic devices that enter the perimeter must be immediately destroyed.

SCP-AAA was recovered from a second-hand retail establishment in Vancouver, British Columbia on ██-██-19██. All radio, television and other suspected electronic equipment infected were apprehended and subsequently destroyed.

SCP-AAA appears to be an electronic anomaly that has been described with characteristics similar to that of a parasite or bacterial organism. SCP-AAA is visible within the screen of a 1980 27" Magnavox CRT television set (SCP-AAA-02), originally enclosed in a 1974 16" Zenith CRT television. When turned on, SCP-AAA is apparent, however audio signal no longer functions. in all experiments with SCP-AAA contamination, electronic devices capable of sustaining SCP-AAA emit a high-pitched noise similar to the horizontal scanning frequency of CRT televisions at 15,625 Hz

A closer examination of the contaminate formation of SCP-AAA

When exposed to a functioning Cathode Ray Tube, The nature of SCP-AAA is to seemingly feed off of the projected electrons and filter that light before it exits, forming intricate patterns on the florescent screen. In most experiments with television sets, SCP-AAA forms behind the shadow mask. Dissection of the television in which removes the CRT or opening of the envelope has shown to completely kill SCP-AAA. Exposure of magnets to the florescent screen has shown repelling effects to SCP-AAA, however does not entirely remove it. It is possible that a CRT may harbour SCP-AAA for as long as it may hold a capacitor charge.

SCP-AAA is at all times contagious to a variety of electronic devices, rendering them useless. Any electronic device proven susceptible therefore is able to transmit SCP-AAA by conduction of static electricity. SCP-AAA will travel on any surface capable of sustaining a mild static electric field. Electronic devices that have been proven to sustain SCP-AAA for indefinite periods of time include videocassette recorders, personal computers, CRT computer monitors and certain radio receivers. Interestingly, television sets that operate on plasma or liquid crystal display are immune, although retain the ability of static charge on any surface.

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