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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX must not have contact with multiple people at once, highly reflective surfaces, and any imaging device whilst live, all of which provoke SCP-XXXX into a proactive camouflage. Containment is to be inside an optical coated shell, spherical in design, to prevent replication due to reflection. The shell is situated inside an opaque cube, blocking light sources outside, which has another smaller cube, attached to the entrance, requiring a fully sealed room before entering the primary containment cube.

Personal entering the containment area must be prescribed thermal-goggles to illuminate the creature in necessary darkness and instructed to avoid passing any of the twelve appendages, considered to denote the 'dead man's zone', or approach within 2 meters of the furthest two appendages from the center. No circumstances should permit the multiple personal entering, removal of material to minimize reflection, and a lighted environment.

Description: SCP-XXXX has twelve posited 'arms' which levitate - shaped similarly to six foot high tree stalks - and these are each peculiar in design as empty mirrors reflecting nothing but an individualistically unique color to each observer, which is only noticeable with adequate lighting. In the complete darkness, or other lower light conditions tested, the creature is only transparent by the heat signature of tree-esque stalks, adsorbing the darkness to become translucent as the center is.

Appendages are normally in sets of two which are closest, followed with a noticeable distance, and they circle the center until one set extends forward as 'fangs', stretching a microscopic netting in between these two out with them. Microscopic netting interconnect the appendages - theorized as created from when appendages 'set' into two - which also curves underneath and above to form protective domes.

The center has unobservable links to each appendage and these are vague to ordinary perception, identical to the center which mimics a 'heat wave' distorting a person's view ahead faintly. No material has successfully passed these nets - they're tested as producing an effect in which personal or items 'zig-zag' into a burst of broken shards, fragments in the billions, that lose any recognizable form and absorb into the center to expand it.

When more than one personal view SCP-XXXX, or multiple reflections are created which facilitate it to be seen twice, it is unable to provide a unique color to each viewer, or instance of being seen, whilst it may only produce a single color throughout all reflections and replicates itself to follow the number of viewers. Replication is spontaneous: emerging directly ahead of where the reflection transpired in the form of two fresh net appendages, separating apart immediately, and the original appendages move to align with the new position established .

SCP-XXXX is seemingly connected to reflections intuitively, dimensionally intertwined with their form as evocation, and the individuals color to each observer is to distinguish between them unlikely whilst unable to 'see'. Additionally, upon any alive creature touching an appendage physically, they're crystallized into reflective mirrors of their form, which creates reflections to facilitate SCP-XXXX's process of replication.

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