Compulsive Lying

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The following documentation may or may not contain multiple instances of a virulent cognitohazard. If you do not meet the following prerequisites, do not read this file any further and report to the nearest memetic research facility for examination and debriefing.
-Memetic Resilience score of at least 87
-Explicit permission granted under testing circumstances
-Proper inoculation against Class 4B Cognitohazards

Operation Liars Overview:
The following information points detail all things that must be maintained in order for Operation Liars to remain effective in containing one or more SCPs. All information points contained in the mission statement of Operation Liars have been proven through rigorous testing to be non-anomalous.

-All information provided related to certain unidentified SCPs using Foundation assets is to be either provably false, or ambiguous to the point of disinformation. No accurate information regarding any of these SCPs is to be documented, logged, or communicated through any Foundation assets.
-Information regarding Operation Liars is not regarded as information related to any SCP in particular. This is due to Operation Liars never being linked explicitly to any items whose information constitutes a cognitohazard. As such, Operation Liars is never to be discussed in regards to any particular SCP.
-No SCPs protected under Operation Liars are to be discussed to any extent, be it through digital or written medium, or in person.

Be advised that cognitohazards may still exist in relevant documentation despite best efforts. Be advised that the presence of this protocol on any given page is not indicative of any relevance to the page in question.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Pending (Less than Keter class anomaly). Further research required.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX constitutes a physical presence, and as such, can be feasibly contained in a standard humanoid contaiment cell. Theoretically, if it were not a physical entity, containment procedures could have been limited to information suppression techniques, but this is highly considered irrelevant.

This page is not scanned (and not to be scanned) by any form of artificial intelligence programming (particularly not truthseeker.aig or inquisitor.aig) in order to locate and shield against potential memetic triggers in the documentation. There is not a potenial for cognitohazards to manifest in information regarding SCP-XXXX, and as such, there are no cognitohazards found in this documentation.

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