Dancing Shoes


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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX are to be placed within a regular shoebox, which is held within a double-locked metal container. The container should be Class 4e configuration, with the prerequisite of two Level 4 key holders, and is to be stored with other gender activated artefacts on Storage Site-12.

Access to SCP-XXX for experimental / research purposes is restricted to male personnel only and must be pre-approved by both key holders. Before removal from the metal storage container, all personnel who identify as female (genetically and/or psychologically) are to move to a position where they will not make direct visual contact with SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX consists of a pair of women’s shoes. When viewed by a subject who identify as male (genetically and/or psychologically) they have been consistently described as “old fashioned, black velvet shoes”. The style has been previously identified as early/mid 1920s, made by “Miller of Birmingham” (identified by the label on the insole). Both shoes have handwritten lettering on the inside, although the meaning of the script has become illegible due to age and wear.

When a subject who identifies as female (genetically and/or psychologically) is present, SCP-XXX are able to change their shape and appearance before the shoe box is opened, becoming the style which is most desirable and suited to the subject. It has been observed that, although the style and material of the items can change, the colour has so far remained consistently black.

Note: If there are several women in close proximity, SCP-XXX appears able to identify which individual is most susceptible to its effects and adapt accordingly.

Attempts have been made to separate SCP-XXX (identified as SCP-XXX-L & SCP-XXX-R) and store each shoe individually. However, when the containers are reopened the shoes are always back together inside a single container, even if that container was previously thought to be too small to hold more than one shoe. Investigation of this phenomenon is continuing, but is being hampered as it has proven virtually impossible to gather evidence of the transportation.

Testing has shown that SCP-XXX have an effect on women within a close proximity, causing them to develop an irrational desire and attachment to the shoes. This appears to increase from a strong interest when the shoe box is brought within 5m of the subject, up to the point where a female observer feels an overwhelming need to own and wear the shoes, when visual contact is made. Once worn by the subject, the shoes become impossible to remove without harming the subject, although an associated euphoria appears to render the wearer uncaring of this fact. Attempts to remove the shoes forcibly have resulted in hysterical anger from the subject and severe trauma to their feet, often resulting in death caused by secondary infection and/or shock. However, testing has conclusively shown that SCP-XXX remain undamaged despite repeated and varied methods and they appear impervious to physical harm.

After 2 – 10 minutes of wear, the subject goes into mild but uncontrolled convulsions while remaining conscious and mildly euphoric. Observers have likened these convulsions to “dancing” and video recordings of this phenomena show that it seems to develop a more rhythmic component if music is played during the seizures. Music also seems to increase the violence of the convulsions, leading to the subject suffering from an exhaustion event far sooner.

Circumstantial evidence and empirical observation suggest that the “dancing” will continue even once the euphoria has passed (which can be anywhere between 10 – 60 minutes depending upon the constitution of the subject). The subject inevitably becomes agitated and fearful but is unable to control their own body by this stage or to stop the increasingly energetic seizure.

Death occurs from exhaustion and/or cardiac arrest after 3 – 4 hours of convulsions, depending upon the subject’s stamina and constitution.

Associated Documentation:
SCP-XXX-01 Research Document

SCP-XXX-02 Research Document

SCP-XXX-03 Research Document

SCP-XXX-04 Interview Transcript

SCP-XXX-05 Incident Report

Addendum:10/16/2011 After the details received during interview SCP-XXX-04 and the follow-up testing, it has been concluded that a subject who is wearing SCP-XXX and experiencing seizures is able to exert a high level of influence over male observers.

The degree of influence appears to increase exponentially with the amount of time that the subject has been wearing the shoes, and is at its strongest during the peak of the subject’s convulsions and fear reaction. The influenced observer/s will always act to follow the subject’s instruction to the best of their ability, inevitably leads to inflicting physical harm upon the subject.

Addendum: 10/30/2011 It is imperative that female personnel do not view SCP-XXX through either primary or secondary sources. This action is to be implemented with immediate effect. The events detailed in incident report SCP-XXX-05 have shown that the influence of SCP-XXX continues to work through any direct likeness. Any existing video footage and photographs taken directly of the physical items is to be destroyed and only tertiary sourced images (photocopies of photographs, photographs of video monitors, etc) are safe to be used in future.

Additional Notes:
It should be mentioned that the effects of SCP-XXX bear a strong resemblance to a fairy tale, “The Red Shoes”, written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845. In the story, a girl is punished for her vanity with a pair of cursed shoes. Given the similarities between these cases and the story, it is reasonable to assume that the writer may have been influenced by tales of SCP-XXX, or that the makers of SCP-XXX were influenced by the story. Either way, the documented incidences seem to show that SCP-XXX are being used as punishment devices and this possible of connection may be worthy of further investigation.

Request no. xxxxxx (allocation of field investigation team) was submitted on xx/xx/xxxx.

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