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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures Update: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a secured safe with no less than two key locks, one digital combination lock, one [REDACTED], and one padlock. Keys to the safe are to be kept by one Level 5 clearance staff member and one Level 4 clearance staff member. This safe is to be kept in a 2 m X 2 m X 2 m room. One guard is placed outside the door, which has an electronic keypad lock on it. Until further notice, any testing with SCP-XXX requires an O5 approval.

SCP-XXX is not to be withing 50m of any other SCP at any time.

Description: SCP-XXX is a vintage spirit level made of wood and brass, approximately 45 cm in length, estimated to be from 19██. It bears no manufacturer or design identification, the only markings are the letters MCE on the bottom. Object is in remarkable condition for it's age though is beginning to show wear. SCP-XXX is currently stored in the 1950s era Bell System canvas and leather tool bag it was discovered with, the bag shows no abnormal effects.

The effects of SCP-XXX activate while the object is being used by subject, whether physically touching subject or kept in [REDACTED]. Once SCP-XXX leaves the proximity of the subject, the effect ceases. Most subjects show a compulsion to build while in possession of SCP-XXX, even subjects with little experience in carpentry and construction are able to build simple structures. Experiment results are inconclusive in determining if obsession is due to the object's effects or if behavior is purely psychological.

When SCP-XXX is used in the construction of any architectural design, it's effect activates. Structures created with SCP-XXX may take on non-Euclidean and hyperbolic geometrical properties. This process is controllable by the subject. Hallways, stairs, and rooms built with this object may curve and fold space against known physics. Architecture designed in this way allow for redundant loops and rooms that overlap the same spacetime. Structures of SCP-XXX's design are shown to alter the laws of gravity, aerodynamics, and physics.

Subject holding SCP-XXX does not have to complete all construction. If subject is directing construction any architecture built is effected, however SCP-XXX must remain "on site" for any effects to take place. This proximity is not yet determined. Due to requirements of construction for effect to take place, Dr. ███ has classified SCP-XXX as Safe.

Due to Incident XXX-1's spacetime disaster, structures built by SCP-XXX must be deconstructed manually with SCP-XXX present.

SCP-XXX was discovered by accident during a response to an anomalous structure. Numerous reports of missing persons in ██████ brought [REDACTED] to The Foundation's attention. Exploration inside the building led to the extraction of the object, and due to the hyperbolic architecture the building was [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum XXX-1: Due to Experiment-213, Class has been raised to Euclid, and all testing access will be granted only by approval of an O5 member.

Addendum XXX-2: Due to Experiment-214, it is recommended to suspend access with SCP-XXX indefinitely.

I really don't care what O5-█ thinks. I reviewed the incident through remote with my own eyes. I'm filing a full report and recommendation to have this thing sealed away forever. -Dr. █████

Addendum XXX-3: Incident and Experiment Logs

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