Darwins Cane
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SCP-1198-05, Stage 2 (Experiment Log AY)

Item #: SCP-1198

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1198 is to be contained within an iron kennel (68 cm x 50 cm x 48 cm), which is to be stored inside of a secure room (3 m x 3 m x 2 m), in Bio-Research Area-12. This room is to remain at 1° Celsius at all times, and is only permitted to be risen to 25° Celsius for feeding. Only D-class personnel are permitted access to SCP-1198's containment chamber if supervised by a Level 5 personnel.

If containment is breached, an immediate evacuation is required and Task Force ███████-█ must be sent in to re-contain SCP-1198. The Task Force must be equipped with liquid nitrogen if the containment is to succeed. If physical contact is made with SCP-1198, the infected personnel is to be contained immediately.

Description: SCP-1198 is a parasitic entity, latching to any valid source of energy. The specimen will absorb the mass of this energy source while draining the energy from it, thus resulting in the 4 stages of SCP-1198;

  1. "Leech" Stage: The specimen will latch onto a valid host, injecting the host with viral-cells. During this stage SCP-1198 will begin to produce more of it's own cells, this is done by converting the host's cells in the surrounding area, allowing the specimen to embed itself into the host. The hosts' (when human) have reported a feeling of numbness in the infected area, which is followed by swelling and baldness of the infected area.
  2. "Adapt" Stage: SCP-1198 neutralizes the host's higher cognitive ability, and begins to spread throughout the host. The specimen observes the energy production (On a cellular level) of the host, to sustain energy production after the host is deceased. After the death of the host, SCP-1198 begins to re-construct its host's remains into a more efficient vessel.
  3. "Hunter" Stage: After the specimen has adapted the remains of the host, it begins to search for a new valid host. SCP-1198 has shown the ability to remain in the previous host for up to 1 month if unable to find a valid replacement host. If unable to find a host within this time, SCP-1198 will completely convert its previous host's remains into energy if possible.
  4. "Stasis" Stage: The specimen only enters this stage if it's attempts to find a new host have failed. SCP-1198 will become dormant until a valid host comes with 3 m of the specimen, thus making it act aggressively towards the possible host. Extreme caution is to be taken when SCP-1198 is in this stage, since it becomes aggressive towards possible hosts.

The specimen was discovered in ████████, California, after Task Force Gamma-6 intercepted a police report referring to the details of SCP-1198. The organism is composed of, without being attached to a host, specialized organs, such as: solar energy sprouts, infectious spines, sensory organs, and hunting appendage.The specimen resembles a budding flower during the day, and closes like a flower during the night. Observations have concluded that the SCP-1198 closes during the night as a safety measure for its solar energy sprouts.

The specimen has shown advanced signs of cognitive thought during/after stage 2, and will begin to attack any biological source of energy to sustain the remains of its current host. SCP-1198's abilities are not limited to biological sources of energy, thus the specimen will attack, and convert, non-biological sources of energy.

Addendum 1198-Aa:
Dr. Alexei Yakovlev was granted Level 5 clearance for experiments involving SCP-1198, and was assigned Dr. ███████████ as his assistant researcher. His research has concluded that SCP-1198 is sentient and dangerous. During his experiments, Dr. Yakovlev was able to establish communication with SCP-1198-8. (see Experiment Log 1198 AY)

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