Experiment Log 1198 AY

Experiment Log of: Dr. Yakovlev and Dr. Vandlesloth, the 2 researchers assigned to SCP-1198 regarding it's biological properties.

Date: ██/██/2006

  • Experiment-01:

D-339 through -344 (Approximately 5 D-class personnel) have been tasked to Dr. Vandlesloth and I. The specimen's last host was an ████████ █████ bunny, labeled as SCP-1198-05.

//D-339 has been tasked with feeding the specimen and observing the eating habits. He was tasked 2 D-batteries, and was instructed to place both of them on either side of the kennel. When D-339 was less than 1 m away, the specimen began to show signs of activity; lunging at the sides of the kennel. The test was concluded only after

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