Death's Muffins
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^^Packaging of SCP-1173 ^^

Item #: SCP-1173

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1173 is to be kept in a secure lock-box, located in a storage locker on Storage Site-23. It is only to be removed for testing authorized by at least two (2) personnel of level four (4) clearance. At no point should anyone other than specifically chosen class-D personnel consume any amount of SCP-1173.

All personnel are to wear protective latex gloves when coming into contact with SCP-1173. Any crumbs of SCP-1173 detected are to be incinerated and any surface that SCP-1173 comes into contact with is to be washed thoroughly with industrial strength bleach and scanned for any remaining traces.

So far 5 instances have been contained of SCP-1173. SCP-1173-a, -c, -d and -e are in storage. SCP-1173-b has been used for testing. (see test logs)

Description: Every SCP-1173 is a set of twelve (12) chocolate chip muffins contained within a clear cellophane package labelled "Death's Muffins" with an iconic representation of Death. The Packaging does not bare a company name, bar code or date. Therefore tracing the origin of SCP-1173 is nigh impossible.

Each muffin is approximately 4cm in diameter and 3cm in height. Small amounts of numerous muffins from separate packs have been analysed and appear to contain typical ingredients except for trace amounts of [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, all subjects that have consumed any amount of SCP-1173 have experienced extremely gory and painful deaths, resulting from a direct attack by an entity that fits the appearance of the figure on the label.




Addendum: It seems at this point that SCP-1173 is only a catalyst that causes the figure to attack it's victims. The severity of the attacks positively correlates to the amount of SCP-1173 consumed.

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