Mr. Fish

hello sheriff

how can i hlep you

fukking keyboard goddamit

yes it is a water helmet i need it to breath

my name is mr fish sir

becos i breath water

i need to type becos i cant talk with water helmet

no sir im not crazy i breath in water

its true

no im not crazy


im from mr wondertainment sir

he is not a mental doctor no

he makes toys

no not that kind of toy


i am a little mister from dr wondertainment yes

no i dont know who that is

i told you im not crazy

dont know how many there are. its a lot tho

i guess u culd call mr. redd that i dont rly like mr redd tho

hes angry and hurts ppl :(


no he dusnt live here

i dont know were he is officer

im not his accopmlice




u cant keep me here mr stripes will find me and i wont get 2 the place!

i dont know but i have to go there

mr stripes is bad hell get me he got mr glue :(

theyll make u forget u kno

im not crazy sir

you cant take it off i need it to breath


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