Item #: SCP-1171

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1171 requires no special containment measures but should be kept in a secure storage locker when not in use. Researchers wishing to test SCP-1171 should submit their proposals in writing and ensure all appropriate forms for the use of D-Class personnel have been filed.

Description: SCP-1171 is a generic-brand snorkel - testing has revealed that it performs its ostensible function to an acceptable standard. Tests indicate that SCP-1171 has no anomalous chemical or molecular properties - the object displays no further resistance to damage than expected for an item of its apparent makeup.

Between █ and ██ minutes after removing the object, however, the wearer begins to report the sensation of a foreign object in their throat, progressing to FBAO (foreign body airway obstruction) within ██ minutes. In all cases thus far the body in question has proved non-extractable by a third party. The subject is typically rendered unconscious within ██ minutes of removing the snorkel.

Following loss of consciousness the foreign body is expelled from the subject's throat - the item correlates closely to the subject's greatest fear. Tests with D-Class personnel indicate that if the item they most fear would ordinarily be too large or too small to obstruct their osophagus, the item generated by SCP-1171 will be appropriately resized to constitute a choking hazard. Although the primary effect of SCP-1171 is not typically lethal, objects produced by SCP-1171 have included chemical, biological and radiological hazards. Objects generated by SCP-1171 during testing are subject to further testing; objects which display no anomalous qualities should be incinerated unless authorised by sector management. Objects displaying anomalous traits should be catalogued separately and stored appropriately as SCP-1171-X.

Recovery Log 1171

SCP-1171 was brought to the Foundation's attention by Agent J████ ██████ , who purchased the item while on holiday. After wearing the item in their hotel room, Agent ██████ was found unconscious by his wife next to a ball of pink baby socks with trace saliva. Further testing at Site-19 confirmed the anomalous properties of the snorkel.

SCP-1171 Test Log

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