Infinite Depth

Item # SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Rope barriers must be positioned at least .3m away from SCP-XXX. There is a suggestion to place this artifact in either the break room or visitor's center of Site-76.

*Description:* SCP-XXX is a painting, oil media on wood (panel of Douglas Fir, dated to 1861). This was first brought to the attention to the foundation when a series of 911 calls were placed from the Bonham's art auction house, detailing a stampede of interested collectors observing SCP-XXX. This crush resulted in 1 death and 10 injuries. The foundation bought the painting for $200,000, and administered medical treatment and class A amnesiacs to all persons in the room. The foundation helped to facilitate the auction,which then proceeded normally.

If SCP-XXX is observed in a mirror or lens, its reflection/magnification is completely white, and if photographed, it is black. SCP-XXX has the anomalous property of increasing in resolution as an observer stands closer; at 100m, the painting appears to be uniformly grey (#F4F4F4), at 50m, monochromatic shapes emerge on a brown background, at 10m, a pixelated box-like construct emerges, and at 5m, a room of house is seen, and at 1m, the furnishings and persons in a living room can be clearly seen. At .1m, staff with normal vision could see the portraits on the wall, the papers on the floor, the drinks on the coffee tables, etc. The description of the room is uniform regardless of the observer, and only depends upon distance. If anyone attempts to sketch a detail of the painting, regardless of whether they have seen it or heard it secondhand, they forget all descriptions once drawing begins. As such, no accurate depictions of SCP-XXX exist.

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